Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Granola here I come

Ok, I´ve been converted. Loved loved loved Pilates!

It´s slow but requires focus and strength. I feel stretched out and yet I know my thighs and abs will be killing me tomorrow! Yeah! Seriously, I´m one of those sick people who like the burn.  Not that burn! 

Plus, it has the whole breathing thing that totally reminds me of the good part of a cigarette.  I don´t think my brain has ever had that much oxygen before. Well, at least not, on and off, for the past 10 years. 

And you know what, I´m starting to get scared. I´m enjoying the taste of, get this, vegetables.  Plain veggies!  I used to make fun of people like this.  But in all honestly, I forgot the real taste of veggies. We put so much stuff on them, especially in Brazil, that you can´t even taste it. Hell, when my maid makes veggies, she boils them and then sautes them in oil with garlic, salt, and onion.  There´s nothing left to it by the time she´s done but it sure as hell tastes good.

It´s sad but true, I´ve been reformed. I really don´t know how long it´ll last. I´m sometimes quite rash and random with my decisions if you haven´t noticed.  But I feel great! I was feeling like crap before pilates but now, wow, now I´m on fire. I know I´ll crash soon but I wonder how I´ll feel when the whole detox part is done.

So maybe there´s something to this "clean" living thing. I mean, it´s not like it´s too hard to do in Brazil. Fruits and Veggies are a dime a dozen.  Fish and lean proteins are also easy to find and not too bad on the pocketbook, depending on the kind. 

I guess it´s like the kind of gas you put in the car. Mr Rant always wants to buy premium.  I say buy regular and cheap. He says the car runs better and longer with premium. I say that´s the man trying to get you to give him your money.  Maybe we´re both right. 

So in the end, I may turn into a granola, at least I come with Açai.


  1. Hey Rachel:

    Sorry I didn't answer you sooner, I was out in the middle of nowhere here in MG visitng my husband's family....we just moved here.....I'm actually in Belo Horizonte now and will be coming to Rio next month.

    But anyway, No worms...but I was living in the US at the time, I think that would make a difference. Good luck on you detox...but just an idea, maybe it would be better just to try to eat healthier everyday than erradicate everything. What is the story behind the Brown rice and veg?

    :) Mara

  2. P.s. Let me know if you end up going to the acpuncturist.

  3. The brown rice and veggie thing is a detox diet a friend of mine recommended. Come day 3, it´s too restrictive. I can´t do it and manage a real day. The first 2 days were rainy and I didn´t have to work, so it made things easier.

    I´m sticking to the brown rice and veggies but I´m adding fruit for breakfast. I´ll see about the rest tomorrow. One day at a time. I just don´t know if I buy the detox part. I feel starved regardless of the fact that I eat whenever I want. That turns out to be about every hour and a half. It´s crazy. I´m digging the no coffee, alcohol, sugar part but I´m thinking the leafy greens/veggies and brown rice aren´t doing the trick on their own. That and I did some reading that made me think that this is not a very healthy process at all...

  4. I don't know if you can get enough protein with just brown rice, veg and fruit. How about adding some lean meat (broiled) and eggs and low fat dairy. Do they have greek yogurt here in Brazil? I think it is hard to eat healthy here, I have not seen any whole grain bread. Everything is white bread and carbs with tons of salt....at least there are tons of cheap fresh fruit and veggies. I think honestly sugar is the main culprit of issues...also if you are having hormonal issues stay away from soy it is an estogenic plant. Good luck!