Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A little Bump in the Road

The problem with brown rice and steamed veggies is that it runs through my system like tequila.  Quick and ugly. 

I ate a big meal of this stuff before I headed out to drop the kiddies off at school and go downtown to teach my classes for the day.  I swear, the moment my foot hit the pavement I was hungry.  No, this was not temptation as there are no restaurants particularly close to my home. I was just hungry, such is the story of my life for the past 3 days. 

So I´m screwed. I didn´t bring a tupperware because I felt like a dork.  Like I was going to bust out a Dora lunchbox on the metro. My best option was to stop for a juice at the juice stand near Largo do Machado and get a natural juice, no sugar. 

I was waiting patiently for my juice when I smelled it.  It was heaven on a plate of grease. Before I turned to look, I knew what it is.  The greasy looking teenager who was sitting next to me received his even greasier looking order. It was a HUGE cheese burger, 2 patties and no salad, as they say here in Rio. 

I bet you are thinking I´m going to say I was disgusted.  Oh no, quite the contrary. I was turned on. That hamburger had me at hello. 

No, I did not cheat.  Cheaters never win and winners never cheat. Didn´t you see that Back to School special? 

Anyway, I just sighed and drank my freakin´ O.J.  I think I overestimated myself and underestimated this diet.  It´s going to take a lot more to make this girl granola! 


  1. Good for you.

    I~m totally impressed you~re not grabbing a snort of wine in the margins.

    You go grrl.

  2. Good for you!
    Hang in there Rachel, you can do it!
    The worse is almost over, in less than a week now you cravings will be much less...

    Take care

  3. Thanks for the support. I hit a second bump while teaching downtown and had to buy a whole grain snack. I almost passed out so... I figure, I´ll try today. If I manage today I´ll do tomorrow. Cravings aren´t too bad, it´s how much you have to eat to keep going.

    Jim, me too! I´m totally surprising myself! But let´s remember, I´m only on my 4th day and the weekend is coming up ;)

  4. I am impressed by your self control!! I could never do one of these things. I must be too emotionally attached to food ha ha Keep up the good work and good luck.

    P.S. Thanks for your comment on my blog :)