Friday, September 10, 2010

Feira Friday

I´m a big fan of the Feira (farmer´s marker).  I have been since I moved to Rio. I feel healthier just walking among the fruits and veggies. 

I´ve gotten so used to it at this point that I don´t even get intimidated by some of the people who sell their. My past intimidaters were the maracuja guys and the garlic/lemon guys.

I would be calmly picking out papayas when the little bastards would sneak up and scare the crap out of me. Seriously, they walk right up to you and yell "MARACUJA! Miss, maracuja?"

Of course I didn´t see them coming.  At that point, I had yet to acquire my Carioca vision.

Carioca vision you ask.  Well, Cariocas need to see 3,000 things all at the same time.  At first it´s quite overwhelming but, rather quickly, you get accustomed to seeing everything coming your way (from both directions), everything that has already gone by, and what is right in front of you.  It´s an acquired skill that takes practice. 

The feira is a perfect example of a place where you need this. No, not for safety issues. Not at all. But for sanity issues. The feira is madness personified, depending on time and day. They are quite calm in the early morning and during the weekend. Of course I used to end up they at 10am on a Wednesday so it was me, a couple of other Moms, and about 200 maids shopping for that week´s produce. 

Now I love it even more.  I love walking along looking at all the colors. Everything feels so alive and fresh.  I even enjoy those guys.  They come sauntering up, ready for a startle and I now see them every time. 

In the oh so Brazilian way, I´m already no no no-ing with my pointer finger before they even manage to say MA. 

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