Thursday, September 30, 2010

Say What?!

Wow, so the list of what I have not gotten used to in Portuguese just increased. 

I had to call to make an appointment for an ultrasound. Apparently I may be more hormonal than most women. Isn´t my husband lucky.  

Knowing how forgetful I am, I called the special woman ultrasound place right after my appointment.  I´ve only ever gotten ultrasounds while pregnant in Rio so I didn´t know women have to go to special lady places to get their lady parts ultrasounds. It does kind of make sense. I wonder if everything is going to be pink and be covered in lilies...

Anyway, I felt like I was signing up to have Lula do my freakin´ultrasound. I got the 3rd degree. It´s very rare that I feel overwhelmed and, you guessed it, I did.  

It doesn´t help that I understood about 50%. Nothing like an anxious operator to make me feel retarded speaking Portuguese.  I totally lost her after the 'You have to arrive here 15 minutes early and we will run 15 minutes late'.  I think that´s what caused my confusion. I got stuck on their plan to be late. I mean, what is that? 

In the end she asked me if I understood and if I could please repeat back to her the date and time of my appointment.  Yes teacher, I know the answer. Please give me a gold star. 

I guess you could say I´m scared. If the operator is this blunt what in the hell are the techs going to be like!

On a side note, after this day, as it´s the perfect excuse, the 'detox' died.  I mean, the hormone suspicion alone is enough to push a girl over. I just turned 30 and OPA my hormones are dying out on me.  And as a bonus, blood tests, ultrasounds, and a pap. 

Is it just me or is it Christmas?  Well, just in case it is, I made me a big old sandwich to celebrate. Lifes too short and I`m too thin as it is. Yeah food!


  1. Don't be shy - eat that sandwich - you could be eating for two! Screw the cleanse - it could be detrimental.

    (but WTF do I know...)

    I think I've heard somewhere that a little wine every day encourages a fetus to become a genious. Not sure where I heard that --

    But it sounds good to me!

    Anyway - I'm ready to congratulate you on your next big project.


  2. No no no, not pregnant. Just hormonal! That´s why my husband is so sarcastically lucky. This factory is closed! lol. I totally didn´t even pick up that I could be implying pregnancy. Oops

  3. Yikes - my mistake. What do us gay guys know about grrlz' bodies anyway? LOL - sorry for the mistake.

    I'm gonna re-read it all.

  4. What do we know about our bodies! There´s just too much going on ;)

    As for the diet thing. The detox started to feeling like starvation. I weighed myself and I lost 1.5 kilos. I think that´s a bit drastic for 3 days. Proud to say my body needs more than veggies and brown rice.

  5. You know - I had a hunch on the downfall when you stopped calling it a cleanse and started calling it a diet.

    Back when I was a community educater on cancer prevention we never talked about diet and exercise -- it was always "nutrition and physical activity" LOL!!!

  6. Lula doing your ultrasound! LOL! You know he's gonna need a second career pretty soon.