Monday, November 29, 2010

Bathing Like a Brazilian

Summer is quickly approaching in Rio de Janeiro and that can sometimes be intimidating for foreigners.  Bathing suits, for both men and women alike, are enough to make you run to your hotel/hostel pool and stay there with the other white folk.

Don't be scared! The beaches here are not just for the excessively toned and tanned!  Put on that Brazilian bikini, aka. post-its on string, and get your ass out there. You are not alone.

Every Brazilian body type, and there are many, sport the barely there suits on a beach.  Hell, even Great Aunt Julia, all 200 + pounds, is wearing a smaller suit than you.

Every time I suit up for the beach, I go in front of the mirror to pinch and groan. Oh how the glory days have passed.  Of course I suck it up and head out with the family.  Upon arrival, I look around.  Sure, there are the hot bodies and the not bodies, and everything in between.  It's enough to make this stomach obsessed girl from California finally breath.

The beach in Brazil isn't really about how hot you look, not once you pass 25 anyway.  It's about being there, enjoying it, and burning off the drama from the workweek.

In the words of the Caricoa: "There's nothing a good day at the beach can't cure."

Amen! And don't forget your sunscreen!


  1. Yeah after a year here I've totally lost all shame. My buff SIL (who's 5 years my senior) asked me to "caminhar" on the beach then told me we'd be doing it "de bikini" and forced me to run. Let's just say I pity the audience who saw all that jiggle but I was more concerned with trying to breathe at the time. =) Carioca I am.

  2. I finally bought my first Brazilian bikini after living here 6 weeks. It is a pretty one, but I'm still too chicken to wear it! I keep making excuses why I can't wear it yet. Sooner or later I'll break down and say to hell with it here goes nothing!

    If only I didn't have that little extra pouch from being pregnant...