Monday, November 29, 2010

Signs you've become a Carioca Part 1

1. You only wear your flip flops inside of your neighborhood (sometimes not even then) and to the beach.  It'd just be gross to wear them anywhere else.

2. Women- You wax everything, including your big toe. Hell, it's included most of the time.

3. Rice and beans = yes

4. Rice is not a carb. Farofa is not a carb. Maybe rice and farofa together equal 1 carb but they certainly don't count, especially if you are eating at your Grandma's house.

5. You can drink 37 chopps (draft beers) in 4 hours and not be an obnoxious drunk. Only flirty and even friendlier, if that is possible.

6. You don't go out in the rain because... well, it's raining! Duh.

7. A fresh bread roll and a piece of fruit is your breakfast of champions.

8. You wear 30spf to the beach, reapply and, of course, you have a golden tan.  We live below the equator people, you get a tan sitting in a tent.

9. You are regular but not gassy. Thank you black beans, papaya, mango, fresh juices, and farmer's market leafy greens.

10.  You never say no and you never say yes, yet everyone understands what you actually mean.


  1. After our apartment-hunt experience (which is still ongoing after 2 months) I can wholeheartedly agree with Number 10! Unfortunately.

    We've already been burned twice, and I expect to be burned again! Never believe it until you see it...(the keys, that is)...

  2. I think #5 reaaaaally depends on age. Every night there is that table of WASTED 50-somethings, but its more hilarious than obnoxious I guess.

    I hope I still get that smashed with my girlfriends when I'm 50.

  3. What's up with your Number One???? Havaianas are acceptable EVERYWHERE. Always. Even at my own wedding.
    Only those uppity girls who say you're not 'allowed' to wear Havaianas in the mall are onto that crazy law. Free your feet Rachel and free yourself! haha ;)

  4. Hey, I didn't say I follow all these. I wear my Havaianas everywhere! On the bus, in a train, on a plane, and eating Green Eggs and Ham. I'm just cool like that ;)

  5. Having been to Rio a couple of times and having some Carioca friends, I can relate to most of these. I miss RIO!