Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Classics & Imports

So I was strolling Lojas Americanas (Brazilian Semi-Target) today with my semi-sicky, home from school, restless toddler.  It's the best thing to do with an irritated child on a hot Brazilian day.  It's out of the house, it's air conditioned, it's free, and there are toys to look at. 

Imagine my surprise when I ran into the legendary Hershey's candy box!  Ok, maybe it's not legendary but it should be.  An awesome blog reader of mine, Ms. Stephanie, mentioned that she found this box in Zona Sul. I had kept one eye open but never saw it at my neighborhood Zona Sul.  I was starting to lose hope until...

It just happened so fast. I was innocently strolling the candy isle, as the eternal child inside me likes to do, when the clouds parted. Yes, apparently there were clouds in Lojas Americanas. I hadn't noticed until they parted. 

Anyway, the clouds parted and then angels started to cry.  Yes, real Angels! And their tears stung... do you think I should be worried about that?

That's when I started to cry. Not only did I find a box of Hersey's Candies, so appropriately named "Classics and Imports" (Portuguese "Clássicos & Importados"), it included Reese's Peanut Butter cups!  I almost fainted right then and there but how would I buy and eat the candy if I was passed out on the floor?!

Upon opening the box, I was a smidgen disappointed with the serving size of the candy and there are only two Peanut Butter cups. I'm so pathetic I actually, quietly, gave thanks that my 4 year old may have a peanut allergy. It meant one less to share the 2 cups with! But per the size of the box and the price (a shockingly low R$6.99), I'd say it's worth the splurge people. 

Oh how my Rio de Janeiro is changing. When I first got here I couldn't find anything imported. I was happy when I found the Brazilian version of Worcestershire sauce, and I hardly use the stuff.  Imagine my joy when I actually found Skippy (that Peter Pan stuff is horrible and waaayyy overpriced) Have you guys noticed the same thing?  What have you found lately that made your panties jump up and tie in a very excited knot?  What do you wish they would import here?


  1. R$6,99?! That must have been a mistake! Good for you snatching that up before they corrected the price to R$16,99.

    Can't say I have found a recent surprise. I would, however, like to see Ben and Jerry's ice cream for less than the R$18,99 a pint Haagen daz sells for.

    And of course -- where are the chocolate chips? Simple thing. Where are they?

    Living local is an art form. Want not -- that is the key... Then when your friends bring goodies you bust out into dance.

    Oh - one more thing: men's ties. They suck here. But then, I lived in San Francisco - the mecca of men's fashion west of New York. Brazil could definitely take a page out of that book. I'm just saying.

  2. This post was very interesting.Thank you for letting me visit.

  3. Jim, want me to pick you up a box?

  4. If I could import one thing, it'd be all of Target, and then we wouldn't have to consider Lojas Americanas a comparable substitute. However, not having a Target within a 6,000-mile radius has been very good for the wallet, don't you agree?

    We're way far away from Rio, but I'm tempted to go into OUR Lojas Americanas now to see if they have any Reese's. (I mean, they're a chain, so there's hope, right??) Definitely my favorite candy.

  5. I'm curious if your Reeces are gluten free here? I am still obsessed by the fact that M&M's have gluten here while in the states they don't.

    I thought I "wanted not", but then I went to the states and fell headfirst in the complete isles of gluten free indulgence in my hometown. pumpkin scones and spinach breads and cereals and well... i am going through some hardcore withdrawl!

  6. Rachel,

    I tried the Hershey's Ovomaltine (Ovaltine) candy bar in July, it is out of this world good.
    Bought it at Americanas too.


    I absolutely loved the Armani store downtown San Francisco...the coolest I have ever seen.
    Sao Paulo definitely has a much stronger men's fashion tradition than Rio, however my boss and I found perfect suits, ties and shoes last year in Rio for a convention, American Airlines lost our luggage for 4 days...
    I really like Ricardo Almeida's ties, they have their own exclusive design, high quality silk ties, but they are expensive, a Ricardo Almeida tie will run you around R$250 Reais.
    Armani has great ties in Sao Paulo as well but they are very expensive...
    I buy them in Boston and New York for very awesome prices... :)


  7. Ray, we have one of those candy bars in the fridge. It's my husband's favorite. He eats it one square at a time and it last like a month. lol

    Jim/Ray, Ties here are expensive! We went and got Daniel a good one and... well, that was all we got him. Still has it though.

    Sarah, I just checked the box and they do have Gluten. Weird how it's different here. I hear you about indulging at home. I gain a very easy 10 lbs when I'm there. Since I'm going home for Christmas this time, you can bet it'll be a little more. Oh well, I enjoy myself and that's what counts.

    Danielle, I'd so import a Target if possible (with all our goodies)! I know calling a Lojas Americanas a Target is like calling a donkey a horse... actually more like calling a cat a horse. But what we have. It is easier on the wallet, although I find Target to be so cheap! Then again, you fill a cart and you can kiss about $200 goodbye

  8. So glad you found it! For me...let's get some GOOD cheap wine here, please. I'm tired of the lack of quality and variety when it comes to affordable wine. If there were only a Trader Joe's...that would be my heaven.

  9. Oh 2 buck Chuck! I miss thee. I have the same issue with wine. Pisses me off to have to spend R$16 on a crappy bottle. You have to spend at least R$22 for a decent one. I had a Spanish wine I loved that cost $9 in the states.

  10. The day I found Skippy at the grocery store in France was a happy day indeed!

  11. I have really been noticing different CARS on the road than when I arrived almost three years ago. Way more SUVs and different makes and models. More variety in colors, too, than just the standard BLACK which was all that seemed to be on the roads then. The cars are definitely getting bigger too.

    Jim, I have a bucket of chocolate chips in my freezer if you want them! Inherited the largest bag of chocolate chips I have ever seen from some other expat friends who moved...