Saturday, December 4, 2010

Can I have my Meds, Pretty Please!

 I really need to start reading Brazilian papers.  At the very least, I need to listen to the radio.

I went to the pharmacy to buy some just in case antibiotics for my youngest's penis. Long story short, here's the blog post: To circumcise or not to circumcise.

The Pediatric Urologist gave me the name of an antibiotic and antibiotic cream to bring with us to the states, just in case the little penis once again blows up like a Puffer Fish.

Per normal, I went in with my list, the antibiotics and other items.  The pharmacist was collecting like a good little man when he mentioned he needed the px for the antibiotics. I laughed. Seriously, a good belly laugh. Right. I know you do but I don't have one so please, can you just get it for me anyway.


What? Now I was just confused. It was cute at first but it was getting annoying. Well, turns out we are enforcing yet another law, prescriptions. Someone forgot to send me the memo.  I actually had to go to my kids' doctor and pick one up to go and get the "just in case" medicine. The guy wouldn't even sell me the cream. I get that it's all about controlling antibiotics but seriously, the cream?  It's R$40 for a tube the size of travel toothpaste. And it's for skin infections. I seriously doubt anyone is getting off on buying this stuff and lubing up their whole body.

Then again, people are crazy.

I'm starting to get nervous. Next thing you know, we'll be getting tickets for j walking. Popcorn and churro vendors with have to have... gasp... permits!  And I will leave this country the day they outlaw drinking on the streets. That is where I draw the line. That and public urination. No no, line drawn after public urination and before drinking on the street. 

I'm all about the development of Brazil.  You go you rock stars!  But I do have an issue with it turning into the US. I would like that it not do that please.

But really, truly, madly and deeply, let's keep some perspective.  Fresh corn on the cob sold from a vendor on the street = good! Random guy selling soda and water out of a Styrofoam box, also good. Creepy old dude selling snacks at the park is super good. Hey, I have to carry around enough crap, you also want me to bring snacks? 

So let's not get too out of hand with this whole "control" thing. It's an evil drug that can take a country over.  And if you start getting petty with legislation, I'm going to get petty too.  You know, like stop focusing on j walking and maybe make it illegal for children under 17 to be out of school. Mandatory education for all kids, and that would require you to build enough schools and have enough teachers. Who's getting annoying now?


  1. United States nationalists can have their faux freedom and self aggrandizing bragging rights -- I'll take the actual personal liberty enjoyed here in Brazil.

    Even if the Johny Walker Red sold by the shot on the street is fake.

  2. Rachel,

    Sometimes I get really irritated when they do things in Brazil that are super advanced but they miss some basic steps of evolution.
    For example, Sao Paulo's law regarding bill boards and visual pollution was amazing, the city looks much better, I was skeptical at first (being from a strong Marketing background and all) but after I saw the results I was impressed.
    I thought that was something of a super developed nation.
    Then I am driving in Sao Paulo, stuck in traffic and a homeless guy is pulling a sort of cart filled with junk and bumps into my expensive freaking Hertz rented Ford Fusion, thank God for my credit card's insurance, U$1000,00 damage report from Hertz.
    How can you be voting sophisticate laws against visual pollution and you still allow horse and buggies and homeless to wonder around the big cities blocking traffic and causing havoc?
    However, Brazil is getting better everyday, I see it every time I return home and I agree with you, some improvements are welcome others not so much!


  3. What? You need prescriptions for meds now?! I guess I won't be asking you to bring me any Xanax next time you come to the States.