Thursday, December 2, 2010

City Girl goes Country, kind of

I had my first ever visit to a hotel fazenda, which is a hotel on a farm. It's pretty popular down here.  I mean, I wouldn't say it's the new black or anything, but maybe the knew brown. 

I know what you are thinking, why in the hell would you vacation on a farm?!  I was curious about this as well.  I believe it to be a Club Med farm experience. A little more rustic, very little rules, and drinks for Mom and Dad.  Fun for the whole family.

It is quite an experience.  We're talking grass as far as the eye can see.  That was the biggest excitement for my youngest. You know they've been living in a big city for too long when they get stoked on grass, and not the kind you smoke. 

There was a whole adaptation process. First, curiosity.  What is that and can I touch it? Second, acceptance. I can touch it! Third, love. Not only can I touch it, I can roll in it, eat it, and I'll never put my shoes on again. 

I really do recommend this for family and friends alike.  It's great to get out of the hot sweaty city to the breezy warm country. A nice dip in the pool and the warm scent of cow manure will take the edge off of any city girl.


  1. I love me some fazenda comfort: pool, horses, hiking, evening buffets, live music...

    Good for you and yours.

    Shout out to the blogging community for some similar fazenda or sitio where we can all gather. Let's get together. Is there someone in your extended family who can sponsor a weekend gathering place?

    Paying less than retail is possible - but not our first choice - do you have such a hook up?

    Sorry to hijack your post Rachel, but our last appeal needed some lift.

    Feel the love. Let's all go to a fazenda or sitio. Talk to your extended family. Let's do this. It would be great to spend time together.

    Talk to Rachel or me. --- Summer weekend in the mountains with a pool --ahhhhh....


  2. Great plan Jim! If I'm not here, I'd love to meet up when I get back the end of January.

    NO problem hijacking my blog. You know I'm a big fan of Sass.

  3. The grass comment OMG classic.... bahaha

  4. Oh and BTW Mr. DRL and I were just talking about the phenomenon of fazenda feriados this weekend and we are strangely intrigued though back home there are farmers on both sides of our family and visiting the old farmhouses there wouldn't exactly be considered vacationing. And yet here we want to. Funny how that works. Much like my grandfather being puzzled by why we went to Patagonia, saying you know there are glaciers here and in Alaska, right?