Tuesday, January 4, 2011

God kills 5,000 Liberal birds

Is anyone else a little freaked out about the 5,000 birds and 100,000 fish dying?  I'm totally freaked out. 

My first reaction was, when is my plane to Brazil?  No offense, but call it survival of the smartest. I don't want to be hanging out in a country where things are dying off in large amounts.  Good thing we Americans don't eat real animals or vegetables.  No food source in danger here.  Gold star for boxed and frozen foods!

Of course, it all happened in Arkansas, right?  So where are the Christians pointing and saying God is striking them down?  That it's a sign.  Of course, I don't follow any site, tv show, or paper that would say that kind of thing.  I'm just waiting for Glenn Beck to get on his soap box and exclaim that they were on their way to a gay rally or something. 

Personally, this freaks me the hell out!  I read one article saying that there is a military weapons testing plant in between the two locations. Ohhhh, I love me a good conspiracy theory. Someone call in Erin Brockovich and let's get this stuff figured out!

So what are your theories?


  1. What I think is weird is what were 5,000 Red Wing Blackbirds doing in the same place at the same time? And why did only they fall from the sky?

    This is a case for Danielle!

    There have been no weird disaster things happening here -- just the usual rain/floods/misery that comes every year at this time.

  2. My vote goes to climate change, disease, freak accident or pollution (noise through chemical. Animals dying like that often it's noise pollution, they sense things we can't.

  3. It sounds like a freaking cover up if you ask me and it must be linked to some company leaking something in the water and air...and the Media having to shut up about it is too suspicious...
    Maybe it's a GE plant connected to NBC or God al mighty crappy job creator Walmart...which is based in Arkansa...who knows?
    We will probably never know...
    But I guarantee you CRAZY babling IDIOT Glen Beck will be capitalizing on it pretty soon...or some other crazy with a bible in hand...


  4. Someone just emailed me this link and I felt the need to return to your blog and share. Here's an 80's tv start giving you the story you want:

  5. Interesting. Kirk seems very cool and calm about it.

  6. Hi Rachel,

    Bird lady Tracy here! It's funny, I hadn't heard about this until I read your blog this afternoon. LOL

    Anyway, this stuff happens from time to time unrelated to chemicals or toxins, at least regarding the birds. Here's a link to what I thought was a fairly balanced reporting of what happened and what biologists think may have caused a large flock to die at once:


    Turns out the head ornithologist believes it is related to weather events such as hail or lightning strikes. Blackbirds in the winter can form HUGE flocks, up to 10,000 or more in number. They also are pretty tight, so a concentrated weather event can wipe out the whole flock.

  7. Yeah, ok, I hear you, lighting, hail...but how do you explain the 100,000 fish dying just 100 miles away!!!!!

  8. Hi Ray,

    The fish kill is possibly more related to local environmental influences. The article said it's mostly likely due to a spread of disease within the school of drum fish. They don't know for sure yet, so it'll be nice when they finish the necropsies on the fish (and the birds, too!) to confirm.

  9. I'm loving all the explanations. Tracy, you made me feel a bit better about the birds. I am still iffy about the fish. And the 100 miles away from each other is a bit strange. I smell something funny...

  10. Monsanto's (and other companies's) experiments?

  11. And... no also millions of death fish in Brazil (Parana), New Zealand & the US. Explanation of it in Brazil would be the heavy rains & the lack of oxygene in the water... Strange thing however is that birds stay away from the fish...

    I presume that no one talks about it anymore in 2 weeks time. But... just to let you know Brazil is also 'involved' :)

    PS at least the sun in shining today !


  12. Thanks for the update Giovanni and a big OH CRAP! I was hoping it was not ALL over the world. Which it basically is. I did see some news about it and was attempting to ignore it. It's weird and I don't believe a word those "scientists" are pulling out of their ass. They wouldn't be able to come up with an answer so quick. Oh, let's not forget the 1 million fish dead in Maryland...