Monday, January 3, 2011

Target is my Happiest Place on Earth.

My kids come to the US and they turn into little consumers. "I want this" and "I want that."  It's hilarious at first and horrendous by the end. 

And it's all my fault, to say the least.  As an expat living in Rio de Janeiro, a panic floods goes over me the moment I enter into a store such as target.  Where to go! What to buy!  How to pack it all up!

So much stuff and for so few dollars. I don't even know which section to start in.  Brazilians fly up to go to Disneyland and outlet shops. I come home to go to Target and the grocery store. 

Of course there are the practical purchases such as electronics and baby gear.  Those items are worth triple their value in Brazil.  Then there's the stupid stuff. 

I bought pans, non stick, KitchenAid pans and ziplock bags. Then there are the cloth fold down kid toy boxes for storage.  I also purchased cotton granny panties for those special granny pantie days (my ass could never fit the Brazilian version of the granny pantie).  Jeans, socks, skincare, and toys are some of the many items we'll be lugging home.

Thank goodness for Christmas, sales, and a 70lb luggage limit when you buy your tickets originating in Brazil. 

Toys are a big kicker. I have two boys and they aren't babies anymore. They get hardly anything all year.  And that's because toys are EXPENSIVE!  So much so that one day I may tell my children to use... gasp... their imagination. 

So when they show me this very cool toy and ask if it's too much money, I have a hard time saying it is. FYI, my typical Brazilian store response is that it costs too much to buy and No.  

Here it's honestly hard to say that. It's like last stop shopping.  Who knows when we'll be back and there's no way in toy store hell that I'm buying these kinds of toys in Brazil.

Thus, I compulsively let them put their choices into the cart. Once it's there, it stays. Taking it out because sense kicks in makes me feel like a dick tease only with children and toys.  Better yet, a toy tease. 

Wishy washy does not a good parent make.  So I sucked it up and let them walk out with, once again, a new toy each. Under $20 and smaller than the one they originally asked for, like it makes a difference.

Oh well, all the noes in Rio de Janeiro should wash off all the spoiled of the US. 

Honestly, it's kind of nice to be able to spoil the little guys every once in a while.  Goodness knows their Father and I are spoiling ourselves!


  1. Rachel,

    Best time of the year to visit Target! We got an eletric blanket yesterday 50% off!
    If you have a Sam's Club near you, they are having a clearance on toys, really nice toys, many under 20 dollars, some very cool ones for 10 bucks!




  2. Exactly! Our boys are old enough that they get allowance and birthday cash (because it is cheaper/easier to give them cash than buy a bday gift in Brazil). They save it All. Year. Long. to spend in the US where toys are so much cheaper. Even they know their money goes so much farther!

    Jeans, socks, undies, shoes. Fun kitchen things that would be a zillion times more in Brazil (air popper for popcorn, anyone??). -sigh- It all adds up, and those suitcases fill up faster than imaginable.

    Have fun when packing time comes!

  3. If it wasn't for Target, half of the reason I like returning to the US would be gone!

    I've said many times since arriving in Rio that if I could have just one Target and one Whole Foods here, about 90% of my problems would be solved!

  4. Remember to stock up on the $1 items at Target and ToysRUs. Now that you have 2 kids in school, I bet your kid's party calendar is quite rockin' now! I saved a bundle with those $1 items this past year. It's funny what we bring back home with us!

  5. Whenever I go back to the US I always come home with an extra suitcase full of the most random stuff: Ranch dressing mix, Mac & Cheese, Advil, and such. There are bits of my old life that I'll never let go of :-)

  6. things are much more expensive here....but why underwear and jeans?? brazilians are much better ! I love those here!!

  7. Target is coming to Canada! The Canucks are pretty excited I tell ya...