Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rio de Janeiro Olympic Logo

Thank the heavens of everything holy above us, there is a logo for the Olympics that doesn't make me want to cry!  I checked out Jim's blog this morning, per normal morning activity, and I had a dance party, I was so freakin' happy!  By the way, he also has the cool intro video posted on his page.

Anyway, I tried to come up with something sarcastic and sassy to write about it but, I actually like it.

And in comparison to the World Cup logo...

it's like a golden child of design.  Seriously, my children could have designed the world cup logo... drunk.  I don't know who paid who to get that chosen, but sometimes you really need to let your step-children find success on their own.

So gold star to the Olympics.  The more I look at it, the more I like it.


  1. The project is from Africa agency. People are speaking of pre-determined victory... On the jury who elected the best project you have "experts" such as Ivette Sangalo (singer), Giselle Bundchen (model), Paulo Coelho (writer)... What the hell do they know about design ? Hans Donner was also a member of the jury and says he could have improved it - if he was asked for.

  2. Rio 2016 Olympic logo was done by Tatil, a design company in Rio. The world cup was the one elected by a bunch of blind monkeys.

    Altough its pretty cool, there are several logos out there similar and after it was released, that was all we would talk about here... then Big Brother started and nobody cares about the logo..

  3. Ach ! I know very well which logo was made by which agency. I talked about the World Cup logo. Or my comments disappear, or they are misunderstood.