Monday, February 28, 2011

Brazilians love themselves some UFOs

Brazilians LOVE UFOs. They believe in them, they look for them, and they find them. Hell, wouldn't you visit Brazil is you were a alien.

My husband is a believer of aliens. He totally digs that stuff. So I was not surprised to find him watching this video this morning.

I then took it upon myself to inform him it was a fake. He is not so sure. You have got to love a believer.

And Brazil is really not a stranger to Alien sightings. Apparently, we humans are not the only ones attracted to beaches and tiny bathing suits.

Check out this list of Brazilian sitings:

Here's an account of a particularly interesting sighting:

So what do you think, is this video a fake?


  1. I have discovered the same video this morning and posted it on my FB page. It is not a question of "believing" or "not believing" - the interference of several alien races with the history of human kind is as old as immemorial times. I think it's strange you, an American, not "believing" in them: the malign greys are for a long time well stablished in underground bases in the US. Abducting and genetically manipulating our DNA with theirs - it works wonderful for them. Why everything has to be submited to ridicule ? Desinformation ! Keep people ignorant - and the dark hats (Illuminati) are clapping their hands ! The UFO taboo has been little by little been erased - hopefully this year there will be a break through. Check for updates here, for example:
    or Sirian SaLuSa channeled messages here:
    (new messages three times a week)
    Open your eyes, open your mind !
    P.S.: and your husband has a point.

  2. Ha! It was pretty convencing until the shiny light moment...that blew it for me!

  3. I am not a ufo kind of person but I swear we have seen on three different occasions, unexplainable lights in the sky here in Rio, always late at night and usually for a period of several minutes. Satellites, weather balloons, balloons...who knows what they were? Husband is a veteran pilot, he couldn't explain any of it, 3 times over the past 7 years. Du du du du du du du du!

  4. Brazilian loving an alien: