Saturday, February 26, 2011

Breast milk Ice Cream hits stores

I think this just takes breastfeeding to an all new and unneeded level!  Breast milk ice cream?!  Well, it came out at the Covent Garden Store in London a bit ago. Apparently it's flavored with lemon zest and vanilla and is just the new Cat's Pajamas.

They found very good and healthy breast milk donors online. And that's great because we all know how strict quality control is when you find it online, especially with people.  Of course it's screened, pasteurized, and range free.

That is according to them. I really don't consider most people range free. We may have a long leash but we're pretty tied in anyhow. Not to mention the drugs, chemical exposure, and questionable food intake. I mean, let's be honest, I doubt any healthy, hippie woman is selling her extra breast milk to make rich people ice cream. Nope. It's the crazy lady with 25 kids and 23 different Daddies who's 6 yr old just gave up the boob and she needs beer money.

The hippie would probably be nice enough to find a donation program to give her extra milk to children who need it. You know, the thing people would ideally do with their extra breast milk.

I would almost be offended by this whole thing if I didn't find it so damn amusing.  I know breast milk is good for babies but I fail to see the need to cash crop that golden liquid.  It's like looking for another "other" white meat.  Apparently breast milk is going to be the new soy.

And how will they regulate? I guess they are pretty lucky that Jews will now consider all milk Kosher. At least that one is taken care of.

As for if I would try some, sure I'd take a taste. I wouldn't seek it out but if a friend bought some and asked me if I wanted a taste of her's, I'd go for it. I really see no issue in sharing her spoon if I'm already eating someone else's frozen milk.

How about you? Would you buy it? Try it? Do you dig it?

If you'd like to read more on it, check out this article from NPR: Breast Milk Ice Cream

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  1. When I started reading your post, I was totally grossed out. But then after a few seconds I realized that the ice cream I've been eating my entire life has been made with milk from the mammary glands of a cow! So...maybe not so gross after all. I'd give it a taste, too, but I wouldn't seek it out proactively.

  2. Rachel,

    I would not buy it, not try it, don't dig it :(
    Maybe when we have children, I would probably buy it for the babies...
    I think there is enough good choice of dairy on grocery isles...:)
    But I can see where many people would go crazy over it...

  3. Totally crazy! I agree with you. If somebody else bought it and offered it to me, I'd try it, but I'm not going to actively try to eat some.

  4. Ha Rachel I love it! Most of the guys that I have asked the question of whether they would try it or not have jumped on the bandwagon! Most of the girls have said no.... guess it goes to show you that guys love anything that has to do with boobs :) Ray you are the exception not the rule in my encounters!


  5. Sarah,

    That sounds so wrong! :)
    The fact that only guys have liked the idea is even worse, it brings to mind a notion of sexual pervertion that is hard for me to conect with "breast milk"...
    It does sound like a perverted fetish for some reason...

  6. EWWWE! But I LOVE how you always seem to find the perfect picture for your posts... this was hilariously amazing!

  7. Ray just sayin! Maybe the men in my life are perverted and obsessed with breasts.... I should maybe broaden my research. But the ten guys I asked said yes immediately while their wives hesitated!