Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why I love Carnaval

There are many reasons to love Carnaval and each one of us have our own.  Personally, my absolute favorite part about Carnaval is how the Carioca men react to it.

You see, costumes are very popular at all Carnaval street parties (blocos) and there are many blocos that are costume specific.

Now for my favorite part! These seemingly macho playboy Carioca men always seem to dress in drag! They pull out all kinds of stuff! My proof, the Ballerinos I met last night. Fyi, Ballerino was not a typo.

It gets even better at blocos like Boitata where all the best costumes happen and it's quite a tradition for men to dress as some sort of woman. You will even see them so dutifully re-applying their makeup. That is, if you get there early enough and everyone isn't already drunk.

Happy Carnaval and Happy Cross-Dressing Playboys! 


  1. Just today while walking along the beach in Leblon, I noticed quite a few men dressed in drag. They seemed super happy and proud! Though it was a bit confusing to my almost 3 year old ;-)

  2. We have a carnival celebration up in le nord of France also! And all the guys dress as drag. It's super fun!

  3. I think men secretly love a chance to dress in drag. But in fairness, how can anyone not want to wear a pink tutu?!