Friday, February 25, 2011

Going to the Rio de Janeiro 2011 Carnaval Parade!

Guess who's going to watch the official Carnaval Parade!! YAY ME!

So a good friend got me a ticket to join her in one of the prestigious Carnaval Camarotes (private boxes)!  Can't you see me in my snazzy Camarote tank drinking chopps with other Parade enthusiasts. Well, I can't go as far as calling myself an enthusiast but I am close.

You see, this is my first time going to the parade! I have never walked in or gone to watch.  I just always figured you get a better view on tv. Well, you do unless you have box seats! Ok, now I'm gloating like a classic douche. You must forgive me, I'm just very excited!

And it's good for you guys too as I will do my post Carnaval Wordless Wednesday all about this Carnaval Camarote experience.

Of course I'm not going to one of the ones funded by beer companies; those are for the rich, famous, and rich and famous.  It doesn't matter though. I'm not a fame whore and wouldn't recognize any of the Brazilian ones anyway. Except for Gisele, of course.

It would be quite funny to get a picture with her. 


  1. That's great! I've never gone either and I can't wait to hear your play-by-play. Camarote no less! My biggest wish for you on that day is to get a nap in. Have fun!

  2. I worked at a Brazilian restaurant this summer, and I am DYING to get to Brazil! And carnaval! jealous

  3. yay you!!! happy for you! can't wait to hear all about it.

  4. Rachel,

    This is such a great opportunity!!!
    I would love to go watch the parade from one of the private boxes. Clean exclusive restrooms, nice seating areas, A/C, catering service...this is the way to watch the Rio Carnaval Parades :)
    I can't wait to hear the details...

  5. I have to say, I'm pretty damn excited about the bathrooms!

  6. You lucky duck you! It must feel like finding a pot of gold. Enjoy!!

  7. Say hi to Gisele for me! :-)

  8. Gloat away!! It sounds awesome. Pictures, right??? In fact, the gloating is only acceptable if you promise to take notes so you can fill us all in in the blog later. :)

  9. wow very wondering this pic.. good job i like it