Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Last night, I went out for some beers for a friend's birthday.  Upon returning home, I caught my husband in the middle of one of his guilty pleasures. No, he was not masturbating.   He was watching Glee. I swear, he would have been less embarrassed should I have caught him jacking off with Marie Clare magazine.

It got me thinking about guilty pleasures.  Things we enjoy that we really shouldn't and/or are embarrassed for enjoying.  We all have them! The best part is figuring out what they are because, per the name, they are usually pretty damn funny.

One of my personal favorites is a glass of good red wine, a cigarette, a balcony, and some good bad music.  You know the stuff I'm talking about, Glee. Yes, Glee soundtracks are my current guilty pleasure music. The kind of music you don't normally opt to blog/talk about because it makes you feel a bit lame.  Ah well, it's a big jump up from my Mariah Carey Guilty pleasure music phase in the late 90s.  Feel free to judge me, I deserve it.

I also LOVE good bad tv and reruns. You put on the second episode of the first season of Friends and I'm there.  Old school Saved By The Bell, I'm totally on it. And I really dig bad 80s movies and horribly nauseating romantic comedies. I buy their story every single time.

And now that I've shared my guilty pleasures with you, don't I sound kind of lame and annoying. Or Fabulous and free spirited if you look at things like I do.

So this has brought me to the rational question of: What are your guilty pleasures? What do you do when nobody is looking?  And don't say stalking Facebook friends.  If everyone is doing it, it really doesn't count.  


  1. LOL! Glee is definitely one of my guilty pleasures! I also love reruns and pretty much most of the American TV series. And how did you know I enjoy Facebook stalking?!?! If EVERYONE is doing it I really need to delete some photos... ;) x

  2. man i wish i would catch my husband watching glee, he will watch it if i make him though. but i dont think he understands it at all. he'll say, "uhm, why are they singing?" :| guilty pleasure, that's hard. i think i take the dr. house approach: my own bottle of wine (well, his is scotch), diana Krall, and my kindle if i ever get one! i want a kindle so bad...i have visions of being a kindle couple; we each have our own kindle sitting next to each other on the couch sharing port :D i got a bottle of port and camembert cheese for v-day yesterday which was such a surprise, i had given up on the day! yip! oh and also, i can spend about 2 hours without moving if i have foodgawker open. i think i just stare sometimes.... i care more about the photography than food. i amuse myself by being a bitch, i mean critical and pointing out the faults in photos, sometimes i even talk to myself. eesh. good thing i do that when i'm alone :P

  3. Mine, ridiculous as it is, is watching Oprah, and several different cooking/travelling shows that I love, but no one else in this house can stomach. It's those rare afternoons when I have a few hours...tuning out to the tube. Lazy, indulgent and wonderful.

  4. Oh, and one more thing that truly is indulgent, when my husband is away for a few days travelling, which is often, I wear whatever is comfy, don't worry about my hair or put that much effort in to appearance. Love those days!

  5. Agree with Mallory, the day I catch my husband watching Glee without me having to drag him to the couch and make him promise not to run around telling people how much I secretly love it. I hadn't really watched till I moved here and then when I was home I saw the Valentines one and it was over im a total closet addict...

  6. Mallory
    Go buy your kindle! You'll not regret it. I bought my own a few weeks ago and it took lass than a week to get here. It's amazing. I'm in my second book in the kindle already. (:


    I'm a Brazilian living in Brazil, so your blog is not exactly made for me. But guess what? I love your posts, and the way you talk about Brazilians. You're so funny! :D

  7. Thanks Marina and Mallory, I totally agree with her about the kindle!