Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little Carnaval T & A

My 4 yr old has to print out pictures that represent Carnaval with the help an adults. My guess is that the adult should choose the appropriate photo. Too bad he has this Momma because we stumbled upon the photo above and I thought it was an exact representation of Carnaval.

I was preparing to print it when Mr. Rant pointed out that it was inappropriate for a class of 4 year olds.

Really?  I mean, I know it logically is but they see that kind of thing year round down here.  Carnaval is just boobie season on crack.  There are parades, billboards, and tv shows with these ladies.  And kids are readily involved in all the preparations and partying this time of year.  So duh, they've seen it.

But as Mr. Rant pointed out, why do we need to call attention to it.

Hello, she is painted in gold glitter with plastic pieces over the 10% of her bits Brazilians find inappropriate. I think the goal is attention.

And who are we kidding?!  This is Carnaval! These ladies are the paper. It's huge news when a school picks a new one.  I know that it's skin and it's sex appeal and all, but when have Brazilians ever been shy about that. There's pride in the Sassy culture of Carnaval.  Hell, they had a little girl up dancing in the parade last year, to much of the world's horror.

Still, it was funny to hear my husband addressing the tradition for what it really is: sex, sexuality, and very adult.  I guess the tradition is ok as long as Foreigner Mom doesn't send a picture of it into school with the 4 year old.

I guess I should save the Carnaval T&A for an age where him and his classmates will appreciate it a little more.

By the way, I switched to this one:


  1. Not to mention the naked Globeleza lady on TV at all hours..

  2. You are awesome! I would so be the inappropriate mom too only my husband wouldn't stop me.

  3. I think the freaking clown picture will scare the beejezous of half of those kids...
    I would take boobs over clowns anyday, I was always afraid of clows... :(

  4. Agreed, boobage much better! She doesn't even look real anyhow, it looks like a sexy suit of armor. Like SO many female action/cartoon heros, right?

  5. this was simply awesome. seriously globeleza--this lady has the 'bicos' covered anyway. lol

  6. Totally what I said! Nips are covered, she looks like a robot, and the kids don't know this is "sexy". The clown is much scarier!

  7. i think she kinda looks like something from Aliens :S is it completely terrible that i have chosen to live in Brazil and i don't like a single thing about Carnaval? I don't even care to watch it on tv...there must be something wrong with me.