Monday, February 14, 2011

I have a Fan!

I have a fan, and no, it's not a family member.  I went to a party and I ran into a blog reader. Oh yes, someone actually came up to me and said that they know me from my blog.  Not to mention, she reads it daily!

It gets even better.

She's not crazy!  Not only do I have a fan that I have met in flesh and blood, she's actually very cool and funny.  Gold star Rachel!

While I have seen my statistics and know the numbers, it's not the same as actually meeting someone in real life.  No matter how many little ticks pass on the counter, it's hard to imagine that many people read my Rants.  I mean, I find them funny, then again I also like those little fart keychains.  There's no accounting for taste.

But now I have met Ms. Rebecca and I liked her! She's also my fan! It made me really realize that all those little ticks and numbers showing up on the screen are actually people.  Go figure.

So if you are my reader, I just want to thank you.  Meeting Rebecca made my day and all of you who come and visit do the same!

Thank you for rocking my world in a way that my husband is not allowed to get jealous over!

To my Readers: Happy Valentines Day! I hope we all get laid! 


  1. Oi Rachel! I am in your blog...!! My holiday is complete!
    I loved meeting you too... would love to catch up again. I am, and remain your loyal fan!!! bjs ps - how do i email you (only through the blog?) x

  2. Dear Rachel,

    Happy Valentines day to you and your loved ones!
    You know you are our Blog's "Madrinha" and I love reading your posts...

    Forte Abraco


  3. Rachel,
    I'm Rebecca's friend and Portuguese teacher here in London and I can vouch that she is definately a big fan of yours - she always mentions your blog in class!
    And I agree with you - ela ela é muito legal e engraçada!

  4. That's great, how fun that must have been! I have no doubt that you have loads of fans out there, and more to come for sure. I think we're all addicted to you, your insights, experiences and your raw (awesome) humor. The day is always missing something when you don't post. Love you! Happy Valentine's Day.

  5. Here's one from California. :D

    Rachel, that was such a sweet post. Your awesome personality shines through in your blog and it's one that I check daily to maintain my inner sassitude :p . Keep up the good work and I hope you have lots more of these encounters.

  6. Hi Rachel,

    I'm also a fan! I married a Brazilian and we are living in the US (I'm American) in Miami. So, in some ways our situation is sort of like yours. I mean, except for the availability of American junk food, Miami is basically a foreign country. Anyway, I just wanted to de-lurk a little and say thank you for posting. I always appreciate reading about life in Brasil, because in the back of my mind it's always possible (though unlikely) that we might end up there some day. Maybe when we have kids we will be there more often at least.

  7. awwww! See, you guys do totally rock!

  8. Make that TWO fans that you will have met because I will be there next week and I definitely want to meet up one day!
    Great news! I'm not THAT crazy anymore...they cut my medications back to once a day now!! :)

  9. Hi there, I just started reading your blog recently (I found it through the "Adventures of a Gringa in Brazil blog), so count me as a fan, too! I'm a NY-er, but will be living in Rio for a month in April. So, perhaps you'll meet another reader in a few months! I just started my own blog with all of... two posts. I'll get motivated soon. Take care!

  10. Seriously guys, I'm starting to blush! All about a meet up if you guys are here :)

  11. Ah how cooooooool! I just met my first blog friend the other day... she wrote on my blog that she lived near me so I stalked her down, emailed her and met her for coffee! We talked for three hours about all the mutual blogs we read (yours but of course!) and laughed because it was like talking about friends since through blogging we get to know each other so well! Gil and Ray are proposing a blogger meet up soon and hope you can make it as I would love to meet you! I sent your blog rants to friends to cheer them up and make them laugh all the time so keep on keepin' on =)

  12. I'd love to meet up. I didn't see where Gil and Ray mentioned this. Is it going to be Brazil meet up?

  13. Well it hasn't really been mentioned yet, it will have to happen whenever they can get back to Brazil so for now we are just throwing out plans and ideas over email but hoping maybe people could make the trip to SP for the weekend?! So sometime in the not so distant future....