Thursday, February 10, 2011

I like it Hot. If I say it enough, I will believe it.

It's hot. Seriously, it's freaking hot down here. The sun is shining, the sky is a gorgeous blue, and my white ass skin is being burnt off.

So dealing with this kind of "wonderful" weather takes some mental focus.  You have to remember the positives. Yes, there are positives to skin melting heat.

For starters, your clothes dry super fast!  I have to hang my clothes to dry and in this heat it takes about 3hours for the light stuff and 5 hours for the heavier things. I'm not even really exaggerating too much here. It dries faster than hell.

No more drying dishes. I wash and leave them to air dry in all of 15 minutes. Awesome blossom.

It's easier to eat healthy in excessively hot weather. Crisp green salads look especially tasty and anything creamy looks like death. Hello two sizes smaller, good to see you again.

You really get to know your body slathering it with sunscreen twice a day.  My saddlebags and I haven't been this close in a long time.  It's good to reconnect with those normally ignored parts of the body.

You can sleep naked and maybe your spouse will think you have back your 20s body confidence. Plus, nude sleeping makes a little something something all that more likely to happen.  Plus your preschooler will now realize that Mommy's boobies are in fact different than Daddy's.

You can drink sweetened homemade iced tea by the bucket full. Is there anything better than that?!

Let's also not forget the 5 minutes you save each morning not putting on make up. Why bother when it's going to melt off anyway.

So there you have it. I like to say these things aloud each morning before my pose and I face the hell of the hot that is Rio de Janeiro summer.  It's like a mantra: I like this weather. It's good to be active. I like this weather. I will leave the house.

What positives can you find about this kind of ridiculously hot weather?


  1. ummm aaaaahhhhhmmmmm.... eeerrrmmmmmmmmmmm.... I got nothing. Ha!
    Oh oh... how about ... no wait. ummmmmmmmmmmm.... I´m actually trying to think of something else positive about the heat but alas, I cannot. :( It´s too hot to think...

    How about I get to eat ice cream or acai everyday and I figure Im allowed to because Im gonna sweat is all out anyway? I like that one.

  2. I get to see my husband walking around the house in his tiny underwear all day. ;-)

    I second the ice tea comment. Somehow it tastes best in the heat.