Thursday, February 10, 2011


We all have in-laws. On both sides. I think it's a somewhat cruel twist of nature that one couple gets two pairs of in-laws. Really, they should do something about it.

I believe that upon each marriage, there should be a lottery and a random new set of parents is given to the couple. Consider it a new tribe.  Now don't get my wrong. I love my in-laws, as does my husband, but think about the sanity involved in one set of grandparents per couple. There will be no over-caring for one spouse or the other. They may, quite possibly, not care for either.

This goes double for mixed-cultured marriages.  There's so much confusion with the two sides and getting used to your spouse's parent's ways.  Take my Brazilian to American marriage for example. I think we should be given a set of German parents. That way we are all equally confused.

And that would banish the whole "I don't get your Mother/Father" situation totally. For starters, it would not be offensive to say something along the lines of "I hate when your Mother/Father does this!" because they would probably agree.  That or, at the very least, they wouldn't get butt hurt by the comment. A lack of history is great at keeping you unbiased.

Not to mention it would be a fabulous way of meeting new people and internationalizing the world.

So who's up for a lottery? I can offer some grade A parents on both sides!  


  1. Can I make my comments in portuguese? :D

  2. would love to treat you to a bottomless cup of something to know what inspires some of your is so comforting to know we are never alone...there are days i would love this idea and days it seems best to love those you know.

  3. Lol. I'm lucky. My in-laws are great and are a huge help. My parents are as well. And I would miss both groups terribly. Just writing out random thoughts that cross my mind. I'm weird like that :)

    But we could chat more over a bottomless cup. I'm sure something would come out hehe

  4. I gave your blog an award! Come check it out:

  5. Eu aceito, mas já adianto que só poderei colaborar com classe inferior a A.
    Minha sogra Irish é uh ó !

    P.s.: Eu me sinto mais a vontade para comentar em português, acho que me expresso melhor, sendo essa minha primeira língua...então se sinta a vontade para comentar em inglês no meu...


  6. Outra coiiiiiisa...tô indo ao Brasil semana que vem por 15 dias !