Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Exotic Fruit

Brazil is known for many things but one of the most interesting is the fruit. This large country has fruits in all shapes, sizes, and tastes. 









  1. The sapoti is actually native to Mexico and Central America (some Northern SouthAm too), but bring any seed here and watch it bloom in record time!

  2. Goiaba and Maracuja are the fruits I miss the most here in canada...

  3. Andrea, I had no idea! But the growing thing is true. EVERYTHING sprouts here!

    Oh I bet you miss those in canada! Hell, when I'm in the states, I even miss the bananas here. They have so much more flavor!

  4. I miss Maracuja the most.
    We can only find a weirdo purple looking tiny Passion Fruit ( Maracuja ) at Whole Foods for a small fortune.
    Gil's mom makes the best Maracuja juice in the blender with seeds and all...she always has a big chilled pitcher of Maracuja juice everytime we come to visit, nothing better to beat the heat of the summer but it will make you sleepy as hell, which is why we follow that with a cool afternoon nap ;)

  5. Maracuja makes one sleepy? Why had no one told me? From now on only maracuja for my toddler from 6pm!

  6. When I went to Brazil my hubs and I bought and tried a bunch of fruit. I can honestly didn't like any of them except Goiaba (though I had the paste before). Caju, maracuja, jaca, fruta do conde, and banana maçã were all duds for me. Carambola I've had (it grows in large quantities here in So. Florida) and we didn't try acerola. I loved lots of other things about Brazil but the fruit wasn't one of them.

  7. cannot forget açaí,cupuaçu, caju (delicious juice), gotta try suco de laranja e acerola, oh and banana d'agua, banana ouro, we cannot find this different bananas in US, at least not where I live, and banana d'agua is the best for churrasco! oh how I miss that.