Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The City Dwellers

The other night, while having beers and watching the Ballerinos pass, a friend and I started discussing my blog. Oh yes, I have some fabulously supportive friends out there who not only read my rants but also listen to them face to face. Oh the insanity of it all. 

Anyway, this friend started reading one of my favorite blogs Sara in Le Petit Village after seeing it mentioned on mine.  She was commenting on how much she enjoys it and the descriptions of 'The Villagers'. They make the blog so personal and really give us a picture into her life.  My friend asked why I don't do the same.

Well, I will most certainly lose characters after I start naming them things like 'The Douche' or 'The Commenter.' I just don't have the charm.  But then I thought, what the hell!  I'm going to do a little blog post inspired by Sara!  

 The City Dwellers:

Mr. Rant
The believer of the unbelievable, Mr. Rant is the opposite side to my coin.  He is the only person who can tell me to shut the hell up in a way that doesn't piss me off. If that isn't made for each other, I don't know what is.

The Chatter Box
The oldest of my two spawn, The Chatter Box has a gift for gab. I have no idea where he gets it from. He's always ready to laugh, joke, tease, or tell you a story.  Known for spouting off random facts, The Chatter Box is the perfect and sweetest party attraction one could birth. 

The Clown
The youngest of my spawn, he's quiet but always has a funny face, walk, or dance to bust out at any given moment. He will only kiss or hug you on his terms, but when he does it's like gold.  Easy going and adaptable, The Clown is the perfect accessory. Just keep an eye on him, he darts! 

The In-Laws
Sweet and caring and always ready to help, the in-laws are a big part of my daily life. Of course I never know when they'll stop by or what they'll bring The Chatter Box and The Clown, but they are always down for a good time.  They enjoy speaking Portuguese, beers, coffee, and long walks on the beach.

The Family
The family is a large group of people normally found gathered in herds. They are a lively bunch and, thankfully, do not scare easily.  If offered food by them, eat it. They will be offended otherwise. 

The Mommy Crew
The Mommy Crew is a group of fellow expats. They can be found in a caravan of strollers or large motor vehicles.  They will hang out at any given park or random Rio de Janeiro child friendly-ish place, usually speaking a quick English with mumbles of Portuguese when appropriate.  Some of these women speak a strange English that seems to hail from a land they called "England."  I do not judge them for that. 

The Canadian
The Canadian is a friend of mine who usually meets up with me to encourage the consumption of one too many cold beverages.  She is the releaser of "The Mom" personality and helps the "Rachel" get some quality time out.

The Lifesaver 
The lifesaver is a fabulous woman that cleans The Rant Family home. She is full of Brazilian wisdom and helps this Ranter navigate through the domestic life in Rio de Janeiro.  She also makes a mean cake!

And in dedication to the friend who inspired the post:

The Botafoguense
The Botafoguense is a Finnish wife and a friend of mine. She puts me to shame with her enthusiasm for her and her husband's soccer team, which happens to be the same as Mr. Rants.  Perfectly fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish, and ok in English, The Botafoguense raises the bar on expats like myself.  Of course she is tremendously charming, fun, entertaining, and brilliant. She can also sing. I wouldn't so gracefully accept a bar raise from anyone else. 


  1. My english is OK? hahahahahah God to knouw becaus me has always think that it's horrible. You give class to me, one day? Next bar you me go and learn some american!

  2. Your English is awesome, I just didn't want to give you a huge ego or anything ;)

  3. Fair enough. (But you already gave it and I ain't giving it back!) :D

  4. This was great! You should throw it on your sidebar or make it a page or something so it's always there. And I love The Chatterbox and the description of him as "party attraction". So cute!

  5. Yes thank you for posting about her blog I love it! Great job on the characterizations!