Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mr. Rant Dresses in Drag

I never stay angry at Mr. Rant too long. He's just too damn cute.  I know what you guys are thinking, I'm crazy or manic or something.

Nope, he's just seriously awesome enough to defuse me pretty damn quickly. I think he should put that on his resume because I'm one hell of a bomb sometimes. It takes him two shakes and a wiggle and I'm pretty much defused.

Anyway, since he's taking the kids out to the country early for his Dad/brother's birthday, I thought I'd give him a free pass to a Carnaval bloco sans kiddos. This morning is Boitata and it's only the best freaking Costume Carnaval Bloco of Rio de Janeiro.

That is where the redeeming, I love this man, he's so my style thing comes in. The debate over costumes went from the Facebook guy to Kickass to dick in a box. He settled on Black Swan. The trooper went out, found all his costume accessories, and sewed it all on his own.

My husband busted out Black Swan in public and was proud!

I love this man! 


  1. The 5 O'Clock shadow really makes the whole outfit! LOL!

  2. That's an awesome costume! Kudos to him for pulling it off!!!
    PS - I found your blog recently and I've been enjoying it thoroughly. I'm originally from Rio, but I've been living in the US for about 10 years's really amusing to read about the "opposite" impressions. Congratulations on an amazing (and amusing) blog :)

  3. Why do Brazilian men like to dress up as woman?

  4. He looks very pleased with himself!

  5. Beautiful your dress and nice look .really good job and second photo's very funny i like it .Great and lovely your husband. thanks for nice posting

  6. He is brave and you are even more! hahahah