Thursday, March 3, 2011

TED in Rio de Janeiro

I really love to find new things to read about. I am, in the words of Mr Rant, starting to open my mind. There is so much going on out there and much of it is truly amazing.

I was just reading about a TED jr  prize winner who started a global art project.  Imagine a person who took something as simple as a portrait and turned it into a movement.  It's very much a way to meet and know the people who are around you. A personification of a people who may, but shouldn't, go unnoticed.

While this was done quite a while ago, it doesn't make it any less awe-inspiring.

Check out TED in Rio de Janeiro at

And I highly recommend watching the amazing video about this artist at:

More on the artist/project:

More on this project at:

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