Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet a Carioca Monday: Mr. Rant edition

Decided on this photo from his rock and roll phase

I had a brilliant idea for Meet a Carioca Monday. Why not interview the one I live with.  You may call that lazy but I call it brilliant.

So I asked Mr. Rant.

Q. As a Carioca what is it like be married to and living with a foreigner spouse in Rio de Janeiro?

A.Having a foreign wife has its challenges, specially the adaptation phase. Living in Rio is very different from coming for a visit. When visiting you have all the time in the world to show favorite places, see friends, go to bars, beaches, leave Rio for the weekend and go to a great little town like Maua.  That is the part where we can show how cool we are and impress our special gringa :)

Once you move here, and work comes, the challenge begins. The city has to take over and do the conquering. It’s a mutual discovery, a curiosity that feeds into a new love or a fear that grows into a phobia.

I was lucky because Rachel was fearless, took the city and made it her own. I am sure it was not easy. Rio is a city that when you grow up here you get used to its perks and its innumerous flaws. But to deal with the flaws all of a sudden is hardcore and for that I give Rachel a lot of credit.

It must be hard to move into your husband hometown, no matter where it is, even in the same country. Imagine with a language like Portuguese, crazy traffic, crazy laws, crazy taxes, crazy politics… At the same time you can just go spend a day at the beach and stop for an acai on your way home… and that day will be a day envied all around the globe since this is one of the most enjoyable city of the world.

Can you all see why I married this man?! Super charming and great answer!


  1. I didn't dare to bring hubby to Rio.
    "Chapeau" Mr. Rant !

    P.S.: He looks like a young Raul Seixas on the pic.

  2. Awwww...GREAT answer!

    He definitely earned some "points" for this one. :P

    Tell us Mr.Rant...tell us how "difficult" Rachel was during this adaptation phase..haha

  3. rachel, u made a good choice marrying him :)

  4. Oh, and also Alexandre would never ever in a million years let me interview him for my blog or have any kind of cameo. Sometimes he sees it and tells me a funny comment that he would leave and then refuses to sign on and leave it. So... lucky you!

  5. Rachel,

    This is the best Meet a Carioca monday so far!
    Very cool picture, he does look like a younger version of Raul Seixas in this picture! :)


  6. This is great, since I also have a Carioca husband. Saves me time, don't have to ask him myself. Tell your husband thanks for the insights.

  7. Nice, concise interview, but most of all congratulations on your happy marriage.