Friday, April 1, 2011

Who are you calling white?

When I get pissed my Portuguese greatly improves. It's like a survival mechanism. I'm truly amazed by it. If you ever heard me arguing with someone, you'd think I was fluent.

I was proud of myself today as I bickered with our pediatrician over the blood test. He told me it was fine and obviously didn't want to get into the details. I wanted explanations for each variation.

Not only did I win, I asked questions and I questioned his answers. Bonus, I didn't make any blatantly obvious Portuguese mistakes!

Anyway, we settled things and I was on my way out until I remembered one last question. My son has seemed more pale than normal these past couples of weeks. I mean, he's white as hell but he's gotten a wee bit chalky if you will.

So I asked "Is it possible that his being so pale is because of the mild anemia?"

His response: "He's not pale, he's just very white like you are." *Smile*

Yeah, like your charming smile is going to make up for that little comment! But of course, I was thrown off my angry game and got embarrassed.

The lamest comeback ever:  "I'm not that white!"

And I was literally laughed out of his little office.

*PS. My little trouble maker is fine! Virus, mild anemia, and a culture for the blood in urine which he said is nothing to worry about.


  1. why i despise asshole md's in ANY language! glad you got your answers & that trouble is good to go.

  2. Oh man - you should have heard me with my fat doctor. He was reviewing tests in silence... I had to keep asking: "and what does this test tell us?" One test which measured my blood pressure every 15 minutes for 24 hours shoed I had high blood pressure almost all of the time. I WAS THE ONE who had to suggest that perhaps I should follow up with a cardiologist!

    Doctors here are very nice, but they do not necessarily think you are smart enough to understand your condition.

    And don't get me started about Luiz's cancer doctors!

    Glad all is well with your little one.

  3. Jim,

    Don't feel bad, Gil's doctor is exactly the same. I am the one asking questions, with printed google searches in hand, asking all kinds of things. His doctor makes me feel like he is paid by the amount of words that come out of his mouth!!!
    I also suggest extra tests and this and that and he ends up agreeing with me...


    I don't blame you fo asking a lot of questions, it looks like many doctors act on our suggestions as well as their initiative. Good for you!
    Great to hear your little one is gonna be ok.