Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Price of Feta



  1. and it doesn"t even taste good!!!! waste of money!!!!

  2. true and its ridiculously small piece! I'll bet there's a good chance to become rich starting feta-for-the-people business in Brazil! Let's?

  3. Ray has promised to bring rennet -- then we can make the cheese ourselves - no problem!

    [still looking for a rennet source locally]

  4. I recently needed feta for a recipe but came up with a substitute on the spot when I noted the price and suspected that it wouldn't taste good anyway. I don't mind paying for authentic/genuine quality, but I'm glad I followed my gut and passed since it sounds like it wouldn't have tasted good.

  5. Jesus Christ the rennet, I had completely forgotten, I am glad you mentioned! ;)
    Hey, Jim, how does that lady from your cheese making teaching video makes it? Wouldn't she know where to find rennet?
    I might just have to have my mother get it in Sao Paulo and overnight it to you in Niteroi...
    I will do more researching for you, I know some folks in Rio too...
    I won't give up!!!


  6. There is a large Greek community in Sao Paulo, I will ask around for tips on feta, jeez, maybe they know about rennet too...

  7. I love the cheese that is so readily available here. But seriously why the crap is it so freaking expensive!