Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brazilian Cuties for your Tuesday

After my Hotties post last Friday, it was suggested I post some cute Brazilians. You know, the ones you find attractive but actually listen to what they have to say as opposed to just ripping off their clothes at first meeting.

I think I found a couple of good ones for you! Of course it was cruel of you to ask. I did mention earlier today about how stimulated I am and I just spent a half hour looking at hard bodies on Google.

FYI, the vast majority of famous Brazilians, cute or not, have bodies that could give an old priest a heart attack. God bless them all!

Cuties for your viewing pleasure:

Mariana Ximenes

Rynaldo Gianecchini

Cute enough?


  1. OMG. I have a horrific cold and I'm at home with a toddler with a horrible cold and I love the heck out of my husband, but this Rynaldo Gianecchini definitely begs to have his clothes ripped off. Cute, hot, whatever, take off your shirt! Hell, TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS!

  2. Maggie, I feel the same way! I just thought I was having a hard time controlling myself. lol

  3. Awesome. You hit the cutie spot right on the mark with Mariana Ximenes.
    I certainly think sex appeal is important but I also want a woman whom I can picture sharing a bowl of soup with after the, well, you know, sinful thingamagig.
    Ximenes has managed to surpass soup status and achieve soup and crackers stage: the highest level in cuteness.
    Uma terça-feira graciosa para todos.

  4. You forgot about Rodrigo Santoro!! He's my favorite favorite favorite ever! DROOL

  5. Mmmmmm...yummy... Raynaldooooo. I was thinking the same thing about Raynaldo's shirt. But then you might have to put him in the other category, because who then could listen to a word he says?

  6. I need to make a list of Dutch cuties...

  7. I would put Caio Blat in the cute category. Reinaldo and Rodrigo are definitely HOTTIES!