Monday, May 23, 2011

Turns Out I'm an Ass

I did a little more research into my claims last night. Turns out, the Petersons know a pretty popular Youtube personality. But there's more.

They adopted a HIV positive child, speak Mandarin, and are basically perfect people. I write about penis charts. In what fair world are our blogs even allowed to compete!

So the reason why their numbers jumped greatly was because they were basically featured on a youtube channel. And you know what, they totally should be! Good for you guys for getting your blog out there and stepping up in the world of parenting!

I apologize for getting all conspiracy theory on everyone's asses. What can I say, I need to be a little less reactive and a little more proactive. Then again, would Rachel's Rantings be this fun if I was?


  1. Noooo...please don't stop being an ass! LOL
    While I enjoy reading the "feel good, making the world a better place" blogs, I come here to have my daily dose of laughing hysterically at your bad days, frustrations and interpretation of Rio way of life and the Brazilian culture.

    Sometimes I feel I should pay a membership just to read it, that's how much I enjoy the kick it gives me.

    Okay...I take that back. Please don't start charging. I'm poor already but I do have some pretty good hacking skills so don't make me do it just to read this blog! LOL

  2. Thanks! And don't worry, no charge ever!

  3. hey - that is a LOT of votes to have jump so quickly - I'd have jumped to the same conclusion as well!! so I guess that means I'm an ass too ;) xoxo

  4. They seem like a perfectly nice family, blah, blah, blah - but they ask for donations on the blog. Donations for what?! OK, so they have a foster child - I have a vodka habbit... I don't ask for money.

    It's all good. Happiness and sunshine. Screw competition. We are the world... and all that.

    But I liked it better when you were in the lead! :-(

    Blog on grrl.

  5. Hmmm, do you think I could have a donation button for my wine habit? Jim, we could start a movement!

  6. That still doesn't explain the twitter hack...

  7. you are just the right amount of ass-y for my taste. this is high-larious, btw, if you get my drift.

  8. Rachel,

    We will remain with you rain or sunshine, sleet, Tornadoes, thru the dam rapture and all!
    We are loyal to the core!
    I am still voting twice a day from each computer and hoping for a miracle!
    You SHOULD WIN period! ;)
    Now get with Jim and do a wine habit thing in Rio for you and a Vodka habit thing for him in Niteroi! Ha! lol...



  9. Rachel,

    You are just perfect the way you are - which explains your huge popularity in the blogsphere.
    This delicious mix of keenness and humor in your personality most certainly will have a very healthy influence on your little guys and sure will make life a lot easier on them. That's already a great contribution from you to the world, don't you think?

    By the way, I love you blog, love your style.
    Thanks for a lot of laughs.


  10. OMG, I'm positively giddy! Gil, you never comment! Thank you for coming on :)

    Ray, I was considering putting up a mock button saying donate and contribute to my expensive wine habit. ;)))