Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bastard 4 Day Weekend

Four day weekends used to be my favorite thing in the whole world, and then I had kids. Ok, maybe it's not really like that but this weekend was. This was a 4 day weekend with great moments and really obnoxious ones.

For starters, my left contact is not cooperating with me. It refuses to stick to my freaking eye and is floating around everywhere. Talk about a tiny thorn in a paw causing issues for the lion. Add to it that it's been sunny. I have been choosing between one-eye sight and being blinded by the sun.

I also have gone a full week without one cigarette!! Yay! That also means that I am still have bitchy moments and that I have put on a full 2 pounds that I had just lost. Ah well, the ends do justify the means, especially with the end expanding like so.

My 2 yr old also decided that shitting on the floor and in his pants was way more fun than using the actual toilet. I have, however, learned a perfect game face! That and we have got him back on the potty! Oh yes, I have never celebrated someone taking a crap on the throne so much before in my life!

And both  my kids decided to get sick. Of course this happened after they shared Popsicles with their little friends. Talk about a parenting FAIL. Both got a virus, one is already feeling better, and they've both already passed it to Momma. Maybe the sore and swollen throat will aide in slowing my binge eating.

Mr Rant and I bickered like newlyweds all weekend. And it did not include the amazing makeup sex! 4 day weekends with the kids remember. Sadly, waiting until night for makeup sex doesn't really fly like it seems to on the sitcoms. We felt that it would traumatize the kiddos if we just had at it on the dining room table. Ok, after the whole poop and virus thing, I almost felt like doing it just to spite them. I am human. But we would all pay for it in the long run.

On the bright side, I did get to take my kids to CCBB and that rocked. We had an amazing lunch with some girlfriends of mine later that day. Mr. Rant took off Friday since he worked Thursday and him, his father, his brother, and his brother's wife joined us in Aterro in the morning. We all then went out for lunch.  And so on and so forth. The weekend was by far more fun than annoying.

Of course crap on the floor with roaming contacts, arguing spouses and sick kids have a way of distracting you from the good.

I'm just glad that it's over. I'm sure some memories were made, good and bad, and we will start over on Monday. Hopefully it brings constipated and yet healthy children, humorous husbands, and plenty of wine. 


  1. I totally hear you about the left contact issue - I've been having the same problem all weekend, and it really does put a damper on festivities. Not to mention that going contact-less always makes me feel sleepy, and I was at a family gathering (read: cousins drinking binge). My cousins have the charming habit of toothpasting the first person to fall asleep, despite the fact that we are all in our 20s and 30s! So, not poop, but sticky and gross nonetheless.
    Hope you and the kids feel better soon :)

  2. I know a lot about pooping on the floor, maybe we can chat about it sometime.

    And if your desperate to loose those pesky two pounds, I usually use heroine to get in shape for swimsuit season. It works wonders!

  3. It sounds like everyone, everywhere is getting sick with these nasty viruses. We spoke with some friends from Florida, it seems like it's going around there too, we have many friends here that got sick in the past 3 weeks, and BOTH of us got this crappy virus that put us down for a good week an a half, worth to mention that Gil hasn't had any colds or viruses since 1998.
    We are still in recovering mode.
    Hey, changing the subject, and talk about having lunch in Rio, we heard "Fogo de Chao" just opened a branch in Rio, you should try sometime, it's one of the best "Churrascarias" I have ever been, and they are spreading around all over the US too. :)


  4. I'm just impressed that your 2 year old can poop words out like that. Ha.

    Here's to health, humor and wine!