Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Healthy Women like Girly Men?!

"New research suggests that women from countries with healthier populations prefer more feminine-looking men."

The population of Brazil is going to die off tomorrow! I think I've ran into about 3 feminine-looking Brazilians in my life. But in all seriousness, this is interesting stuff.

We all know about the theory of sexual selection and that you usually try to find the best mate to create a child who is most likely to survive. Apparently this is still in play. Men, you should be honored if a woman accidentally gets pregnant with your baby! Her subconscious must have poked a hole in that condom and demanded that she mate.

And I guess there is something to that. In nations where poor health is more common, women go for a manlier man. Obviously they don't say exactly that, but they will choose a wider-jawed and hairy man over a clean shaven leaner version.

Of course there's a but:

So how far would you go for good genes? There are plenty of ladies who are attracted to the "bad boy." Personally, I don't think high testosterone and being a good mate are mutually exclusive. Mr. Rant is not short on the chest hair (something I find VERY sexy) and isn't a bastard either. Well, not that I'm aware of anyway.

The thing is, maybe this is true in countries where physical health is still suffering, but I think it is different in other parts of the world. As a woman, it is much safer and smarter to choose a well educated man. Hell, I'm going to flat out say it, a nerd. Pick a nerd ladies. They are good guys! They usually have jobs. And they are far less likely to hit you when they are drunk. 

That brings me to another study where it' been proven that relationships are happier when the woman is more attractive than the man. I automatically thought of two things: 1. It's amazing how much money the world is throwing into random research 2. Duh. 

There is just something about a woman on a pedestal. I think we as a sex kind of like it up there. In my humble observations, I have also noticed that men like the women up there. So it makes a hell of a lot of sense that if a woman is feeling loved and adored (and not at risk of losing her mate) and the man still feels lucky to have her, they both will be throwing positive energy back into the whole relationship equation. 

Then again, I didn't think of any of this when I started practice mating with Mr. Rant. I thought that he was hot, we had great conversations, and the feelings were mutual. But there are many people who believe in powers bigger than us, whether it be God or nature. 

I think my readers are the best judge of this whole thing. What do you think? Do we choose, is it fate, or are our pheromones and other bodily functions doing the real talking?


  1. I think it's a combination of both, but your pheromones definitely speak louder and stronger, and if they decide to act out on their opinion, you have no to little control over it :)


  2. I LOVE documentaries about this subject, I find them fascinating! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I05IpCne6Og It seems there's a lot more to the whole attraction equation than just good looks and common interests..., more innate stuff like carrying on your genes. I saw one doc that did a study of just women's voices at different parts of their cycles and their voices were considered most "attractive/sexy" during ovulation. Interesting stuff!

  3. Well then, this explains why girls don't take me seriously. Sorry I have testosterone, jeeeez! ='(

  4. Well, my husband isn't feminine looking, but he does have fabulous taste in women's shoes... does that count? (Or is that another study all together?)

  5. B.A.B.,

    I think that is because he is Brazilian,HA!lol... and yes, that sounds like a whole different study :)


  6. Imagine if a woman could experience being a heterosexual man for just one day. I think she would be amazed by how enslaved men are, at least at one point of their lives, to sex drive. It is such a huge advantage for women that I find it hard to believe that they don't rule the world. Well, then again, we do have larger brains :)
    All this makes me wonder if lesbians could be played by heterosexual women to the same extent as men. Now that would be an interesting study. It helps that the premise has already been researched.


  7. That's why I will NEVER shave my beard.

  8. Temporarily back in the USA and jet lagged, my nocturnal entertainment has been The Bachelorette. This season epitomizes what I call (and have been guilty of) "stupid woman syndrome." A woman who has it all convinces herself that the most unworthy man is "the one."

    At what point does a girl figure out the "He's just not into you" idea and fall for the one who truly puts her on a pedestal?

  9. In case you haven't discovered Os Seminovos yet, they are big fans of choosing nerds for mating:


  10. Rachel - loving your Carrie Bradshaw-esque musing on men.... so what chemicals in my brain are making me fall for 'treat 'em mean keep 'em keen' carioca boys then? A stupid gene!? x

  11. Thanks Rebecca! It may be the charm. I'm telling you, the Carioca charm can sneak the pants off the smartest of girls.

    I am a big fan of the he's just not that into you thing! Just get over it already! At the same time, I married and thus safe for the time being ;)

    Gritty has a point and a very interesting article!

    And Don't shave the beard! Also, testosterone is available in pill form ;)

  12. By North American standards, (mine, anyway) my husband is far better looking than my aging and overweight self.

    But for him, my light skin and big booty make me hot. Go figure.

    In the end, he does put me on a pedestal, which is what got me interested in Latino men in the first place, I think. But I do make sure to never take it for granted.