Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Festa Junina


  1. Always fun festivals. Last year I could not ride a roller coaster because the safety bar would not click closed across my belly (shame).

    Next year -- roller coaster here I come!

  2. Dude, we never get a roller coaster! Where is this festa Junina?

    And you are right, next year you'll be there!

  3. I miss it very very much... Specially the cuscus!

  4. *-* The best party of the year in my opinion, especially for me who live in Paraiba, where this party has an overall record

  5. Sooo much better than Carnival, actually that is inaccurate: Carnaval is lame and Festa Junina is pleasant.
    I propose that those who comment here organize a Square Dance versus Quadrilha dance off. The Americans in the SQ team and the Brazilians do the Quadrilha. I will judge.

  6. Gritty, I'd so sign up for that! I did Square dancing in gym class in middle school, thus I am an expert.

    I LOVE festa Junina. It is so the unknown party of Rio! If I were a tourist I'd come for this. Food, drink, dancing, laughing, fake freckles... It's everything.

    And the cuscus is good!

  7. I will have to plan a festa junina trip to Paraiba!

  8. So funny the fake freckles thing. I mean who wants real freckles? So if you think about it fake freckles are like fake hemorroids. Perhaps the people who established fake freckles as a must for Festa Junina costumes just didn't connect the dots. Get it? Connect the dots (God I'm good).

    Ok, there are exceptions (I think Julianne Moore is stunning).

  9. Hey Rachael,

    Rio was featured on the Travel Channel last night. They were showing the bizarre foods from Rio, a food feast at the sambadome and what people eat in the slums. I wonder how accurate that is. Check it out, it could be a future post.

  10. Dear Gritty Poet,

    The freckles are supposed to portrait Brazilians from the interior of the country, many Brazilians in the country side are of very fair skin and get freckles from working in farms and being exposed to a lot of sun, sort of like the Brazilian version of the rednecks. :)

  11. I have freckles. It's hot. I swear!

    Yeah, it is totally mocking the rednecks. Mr. Rant refuses to say that. He says it's lightly poking fun at a different lifestyle.

  12. Great pictures! And I have freckles too...

  13. Every woman and girl in my family has freckles!!!
    And we ain't no rednecks ;)


  14. Hahah it doesn't beat the Carnaval but it's awesome! It's the one party when I can have only my moustache on without having people making fun of me!