Monday, August 8, 2011

Brazilian Child Star talks Anal

So this is old news but I am still going to talk about it. Sandy, a Brazilian version of Marie Osmond only younger, apparently mentioned anal sex in an interview with Playboy magazine. The magazine quoted her as saying something along the lines of "anal sex can be pleasurable."

Well the Brazilian side of Twitter nearly spontaneously combusted at the news. Of course Ms. Sandy went to Twitter to say she never has and never will talk about her sex life. Playboy magazine said they have the video of the moment. This is all big news down here, or was last week anyway, because she is a goody two-shoed good girl.

News flash! Even nice girls like to get laid. I know we are not supposed to say it out loud (like how I slid myself right into that category) but we do. Second news flash, sex is fun.

So this brings me to a conversation I had with friends last night. Why is it that we women have this stigma. If you don't have sex with enough people you are prude and if it's with too many than you are a whore. The entire international group agreed that Brazilians seem to be much more flexible with "the number" and do not scare quite as easily.

My impression of Cariocas, for example, is that a woman can have one night stands without much backlash. That and I have yet to hear about people asking about "the number." I wonder, with all ficando (hooking up) and intersexing, are numbers not important? Have Brazilians sexually evolved past keeping count?

At the same time, how can a country parade naked women every year at Carnaval and then be shocked over one woman's mention of anal? Isn't that a double standard? Of course Sandy was Devassa's Carnaval girl this year and it got just as much attention and criticism. So does that mean that Brazil does have the separation of the good and bad girls just like everyone else?

I really can't tell with all the nudity and making out. Where is the line?

As for good girl vs bad, why do we still have this stigma? Do you think it's beneficial or detrimental to society?  Have we or will we ever evolve past sexual judgement?


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  2. Rachel,

    I think the problem here is SANDY alone. She started her career too young and had the misfortune to reveal she was a virgin at one point. Shocker is... she was 14. I'd be surprised if she was not. I don't know how it got down to where it is now, but she was nicknamed "Santinha" after that and every interview she gives the headlines are "Eu não sou Santinha." I think the problem here is confessing to be a "santinha" in such a sexual country. It all became a big joke, I think. Now the girl is married and still can't talk about sex because nobody expects her to... it's all really stupid.

  3. Funny because Mr Rant also said that he thought it was a Sandy issue.

  4. My husband also talks about her coming from a "good and educated" family. Her father managed her career according to Ricardo. Some or rather many, Brazilian fathers want their daughters to be saints.

    paradoxes are found here. in some of the smaller cities will definitely become upset if your sleeping around. sometimes in my city if girls go dancing without their husbands they are labeled as cheaters.

    I see this, in-law family or friends of the guy will label the girl as a saint or slut or whatever. Many people now I have noticed have stopped telling their family or friends personal problems involving the partner. If they want to cut their partner a break.

  5. I just saw this on the news and I think this is comparable to Britney when she went through the "not a girl; not a woman" stage....and then Jessica Simpson who swore she was a virgin. And then Miley Cyrus when she was posting inappropriate (?) pictures at the age of 15.

    In my mind Sandy poos flowers and fart perfume.
    Sex and Sandy don't belong in the same sentence, it's too much for my sensitive mind D:

    P.S.: and I agree with Mr. Rant and the rest of the brazilian population. The issue isn't the topic but Sandy alone. Like one friend of mine said when Sandy did that Devassa beer commercial: ''Everyone can be Devassa... except Sandy.''

  7. I have to agree with everyone else who said that Sandy is the issue.
    In my perfect little world, I like to think of her as an assexual being. Pretty much like angels.
    I'm never surprised when people make such a fuss over something that she has said, because I think that most of us hold the belief that everytime Sandy does or say something naughty, a fairy dies somewhere. And we are all very fond of fairies.
    Still I find it hilarious how the more she tries to get rid of the ''Santinha'' image that she earned herself, the more it backfires on her. She should stop trying so hard, it's becoming pathetic, really.
    Sandy, dear, you will forever have the ''Santinha'' label stamped on your forehead since the first time you sang ''Maria Chiquinha'' with that secondary character in your family that you have for a brother. And please, don't make us picture you in all fours! I fear it might melt my brain! I already had a partial meltdown when I watched the Devassa commercial.

    P.S.: every Sandy related commotion that people make is more of a joke, though. Specially on the internet.


    When you have this in your memory, you don't want to hear about Sandy and anal sex. I don't really have a problem with it, though. But I find funny the reaction that everyone has. Specially on the internet, the comments are hilarious.

  9. Sandy is still 'Maria Chiquinha" to me....a sweet innocent girl :)