Monday, August 1, 2011

If I Had Listened to my Mother

When University came around my Mother declared that I needed to study English. I needed to become a teacher or a writer. I, however, couldn't imagine teaching at the time and writing just seemed too unstable.

I picked psychology. I have obviously made one hell of a career with that BA. I checked into returning it for a refund but they actually have some fine print somewhere saying that there are no refunds.  Go figure. So I have continued to be one of those people with a degree that they don't use. How very American of me. The funniest part was that I really didn't see it coming. Oh how the young are so blind to the obvious. 

Now I find myself wanting to be a writer. If only I had listened to my Mother! Then again, if I always listened to my Mother I would never wear a bikini (one-pieces are just so flattering on my long frame), be a Ghost Hunters fanatic, and would already have 4 babies. 

I suppose when weeding out good advice from bad, we sometimes accidentally pull out a few flowers. I do occasionally wonder what would have come of me if I had taken her advice. First off, I would have gone for that scholarship from that East Coast school (for a San Diego native to study on a full ride for 4 yrs) and I would have majored in English.  

Career wise, in my current life, I could have a permanent position at the American or British school. I could also already have a Writer's Portfolio. I would most definitely be a better speller! For all I know it could have been the breaking point in world peace. 

I suppose it is just one of those mysteries of life, the good old fashioned game of "what if." 


  1. and tell me you didn't expect the "told you so'...
    and you are so lucky I had 4 am I.

  2. Rachel,

    You are still soooo young, you can definitely do that!!
    You already have the most difficult part, the talent to write, most people don't, getting credentials and a little practice shouldn't be too hard. ;)


  3. Mom, I wouldn't expect any less than I told you so ;)

    Ray, awww thanks!

  4. You are a writer!!! Now you just have to figure out how to get paid for it :)

  5. Thanks Jennifer and Fiona :D Now I just have to figure that money making mystery out!

  6. You need to find the niche in these times for your kind of writing and humor that can generate a financial return. If it had been 10 years earlier, before blogs, you would have had a book deal, a publisher and probably movie offers. I have big hopes for you girl, you've got a knack, and lots of fans and supporters. There's much more on the horizon. Your writings are clever, honest, intelligent and addicting. Keep going forward!