Monday, August 1, 2011

My Favorite Portuguese Saying

My favorite saying in Portuguese is "Já era." It literally translates to "was already" but it feels more like "already done" or "that boat has sailed" or even "too late and get over it."

You can use it for many situations! My personal favorite is when Mr. Rant is saying that we need to hurry or we're going to be late. That always deserves a "Já era" in my house, usually because of Mr. Rant himself. Who knew it could take a man so long to move from a couch, down a 5 meter hallway, and back again with clothes on?

The magic of this phrase is that it works at any moment where one's desire is not going to happen. Of course it should be noted that "já era" does not have a negative connotation, not necessarily anyway. Per most Brazilian phrases, there's a lightness to it as if it's consumed a few chopps and is now swinging in a hammock. No harm meant, it's just stating a fact.

And now it seems that I've passed my favoritism for this phrase on to Chatterbox who busted it out during a game of cards with Vovó. She was so delighted to hear him use such a "Carioca" saying that I didn't have the heart to inform her that it was actually the Gringa Daughter-in-law that bestowed it upon him.

Ironic to say the least!


  1. Rachel,

    It's incredible to see how well you capture the most subtle things of being a "Carioca", now that you say it, it clicked, this is sooooo Carioca it hurts! Very cool! :)


  2. i think "ja era" is a brazilian thing not just carioca....
    I also like ja era :)

  3. I always hesitate to say something is a total brazil thing since I can not be sure... Good to know that it is and that I can bring my favorite saying everywhere!

    Ray, thanks love :D

  4. Projeto "A Vida Americana":

    Americanos aprendendo português e mostrando as coisas lindas da America, bem interessante =P