Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Classy from a young age

Since it is my birthday I thought I would make this blog post totally 100% about me. It is my birthday after all.

So here you go!

Things you didn't know about me:

15. I like to call men's underwear panties.

14. I'd move to Europe in a minute if we could.

13. One of my favorite places in Brazil is Buzios.

12. I would so get a boob job if anesthesia didn't scare the crap out of me.

11. I hate whistling. If you want to annoy me, you now know how to do it.

10. I can play a mean game of Super Trump (super trunfo in Portuguese)

9. I have an endlessly empty stomach, especially for junk food. You should see me at Brazilian children's bday parties. This will bite me in the ass eventually.

8. I LOVE cottage cheese. Love it, would roll in it, and would eat it daily (with celery salt of course).

7. I hate celebrating my birthday with a big birthday party. Makes me weirdly uncomfortable. I like to keep the day low key.

6. I was once told by a tattoo artist that I have perfect skin for tattoos.

5. With both of my children, my left armpit smelled seriously rank at the beginning of my pregnancy. It was actually why I suspected my second pregnancy.

4. I have a weird thing about picking at my nails. I can't help it. I'm super fidgety and they get the brunt of it.

3. My brothers' nickname for me as a kid was Poop.

2. I hate bugs. Love the outdoors but hate the bugs that come with them. By the way, the bugs in Rio are on crack! Not fun.

1. I  have to sleep with one foot out from under the blanket. Oh, and no socks! 


  1. That would be're welcome for the skin. Lots of baby oil and attention.

  2. Yay!!!! Rachel's special day! Have a great one!! Did you manage to plan a special sushi date? (I seem to remember from a while ago that it was one of your birthday wishes)


  3. Wishing sending flowers was not so stupid expensive!

    Happy birthday sweetie.

  4. Happy Birthday Rachel!
    The number one is funny. I actually have to sleep with both my feet under a blanket, otherwise I don't sleep at all. I get this weird feeling that something is going to grab them from under the bed.

  5. Bearing number 7 in mind, I'll wish you an quietly enjoyable birthday :)

    (and *man*, I am with you on 11 - whistling and table tapping drive me mad!)

  6. Happy Hippo Birthday Rachel!
    I like to call my underwear cueca.. my bf doesn't think it's funny..
    You would move to Europe? any of the 27 countries would suit you?!

  7. Happy Birthday Rachel! Hoje e sempre, todo amor que houver nessa vida para você e sua familia. =)

    Rachel in Europe?
    To me you became the face of Rio de Janeiro! In which country would you live in Europe? =0

  8. Happy Birthday Rachel!
    LOVE your blog so much! Have read it from one end to another. Brazil is my passion and I really hope to get there in the nearest future.
    Lots of love!

  9. haha, poop´s a great nickname, you should be so lucky! Happy Birthday =)


    14- which country / city would u live in europe?? no exciting of ipanema here. No coconut water or corn at the beach :(

    7- I LOVE BIG family/friends birthdays!

  11. Parabens pra voce! Rock out on your special day. I think Jean's idea of a bday sushi date is excellent. :)

    PS--"Poop"? What was your brother's nickname??


  12. Thanks for all the love guys!!!

    And my Brother's nickname was Germ. Feeling the love? ;)

  13. Happy Birthday. Never loose that CherioOOOs spirit.

  14. I would go to just about any European city! I want to be able to get out and about over there. I haven't seen nearly enough! Of course I would have a home here, ideally ;)