Sunday, October 2, 2011

Web MD Gave Me Cancer

I worry about my health in a way I never did when I didn't have kids. It's as if I am overly aware of my own mortality. I can't help it.

The idea of something happening to me while my kids are small is my biggest fear! I get choked up just thinking about it. Losing your Mommy at any age is difficult. That and I selfishly want to be here forever just to see every single moment in their little lives.

So all this is making me a bit of a hypochondriac. I'm exhausted beyond belief, as any Mother is, and part of me starts to wonder if I have cancer. I take longer to get over illnesses, I have heart palpitations, and I get winded easily. Of course this can all be easily explained:

Longer to get over illnesses: I hardly ever sleep and eating right is a day by day battle. That and I am getting older plus have two kids and a husband whose needs normally come first.

Heart Palpitations: Well if I am getting myself all stressed out about cancer than my anxiety level may be a bit high.

Winded easily: This one is simply called a lack of cardio. I used to be in such good shape. Key there: Used to be! Of course I could nip that in the butt with a little effort but the whole exhausted thing along with the family thing gives lack of motivation an unfair advantage over motivation.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not that person that sits on the computer looking over Web MD all day. I keep it occasional as dying from a heart attack in front of the computer while reading about heart attacks is just way to cliche for this girl.

Do any of you other Mothers ever think about this stuff? Do you ever wonder if your lack of self care is going to bite you and your family in the ass? Are you particularly good at taking care of everything and yourself? If so, got any tips? 


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  1. Don't live your life in fear. When you fear, you block every external influence that could benefit you.

    About the cancer, interesting fact is: cancer is a modern man disease. You don't see in all those ancient Chinese books where there are many diseases catalogued and fully descripted.

    Dr. Wilhelm Reich has an interesting view about cancer, and in his studies he concludes that cancer almos always starts because of blockage.
    If you are interested, I suggest you to read The Cancer Biopathy, written by Dr. Wilhelm Reich


  2. I try to stay off WebMD as much as possible now because when I would look up "frequent headaches" or something mundane it would say, "oh, it could be stress, wrong glasses prescription, migraines or...oh yeah! A brain tumor!" Guess which one I always said I had? It's the devil!

    I don't worry about my health as much as I used to, oddly enough. It was worse before I had a child!