Sunday, February 26, 2012

Going It On My Own

So the day has come where this little sarcastic birdie has to jump nest and try to make it on her own. Yes, you heard it here second (actually third as I mentioned it both on my Facebook page and Twitter account), I have my own domain. It gives a girl a definite false sense of superiority. Think about it, I'm in charge of my own domain. Cue evil laughter: Bwahahahaha

Anyway, I have been debating this for a while. I have been resisting as I was afraid I'd lose followers, get way too confused with a new system (Mr. Rant is the evil computer genius in our house, not me), and was reluctant to make this big of a commitment. Amazingly this married Mother of 2 suffers from a bit of internet commitment phobia. That or it is an innate fear of failure. Sadly my BA in Psychology doesn't make me qualified enough to differentiate.

It is time to switch that bookmark to the new page: 

I will be posting only on the Rachel's Rantings in Rio site now. Please come with patience as I am just figuring this out. 

So please go check it out and tell me what you think! 


  1. I think the new site may have eaten my comment, so I'm posting it again here - apologies if you get it twice!

    IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! Er, I mean, welcome to Wordpress. I've never used blogger, but I just know that wordpress is superior ;-) And you picked the right theme - this is one of the best. Tom over at EatRio uses it, and I've got it on my English-teaching site as well.

    Only one suggestion - I love both the cobblestone background and the aerial beach-view header, but I feel like the header doesn't stand out and look as spectacular as it could since it's a similar color/pattern to the cobblestones. Might be something to look into after you get more settled in to your new "home"!

  2. Looking forward to hearing about how you like Wordpress, particularly whether it's easy to use.