Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Mr Rant is Back!

Rio de Janeiro has her Mr Rant back!


  1. Just in time for Valentine's Day (well a bit late but he is a carioca... ;) )

    I guess now your Carnaval will be complete!

    Hope he had a good time on the slopes... I haven't been able to go for a ski trip for two seasons now :(

  2. Just in time for Valentine's Day (well a bit late but he is a carioca... ;) )

    For people who don't know: Cariocas are people from Rio de Janeiro city and people from the state of Rio are called Fluminenses. Wonder how many "expats/immigrants" understand that, mainly from the US :D

    Uhmm, weird, how can he be late if Valentine's Day in BRAZIL is on June 12th. Integrating for you in Brazil is tough's okay, I see many people from the US have that problem compare to Europeans...I wonder why. Education maybe?

    1. Actually, that came up when I first moved here. I'm not into Valentine's day but it was approaching the Brazilian one in June and Mr. Rant asked which I wanted. I of course said both just to be a greedy ass ;)

      We celebrate the Brazilian version. It wasn't a difficult switch and I like that he is the one reminding me ;)

    2. It was just a "cheers" to Mrs Rant since Mr Rant came back from a trip, I thought it was a funny coincidence that It was close to Valentine's Day.

      By the way I take Valentine's Day over "dias dos namorados" any day, much more interesting story and longer tradition (Europe has Valentine's day also).'s_Day