Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cranky in Rio de Janeiro

I am cranky.  I blame 98% the adaptation process at my kids' school and 2% the rain. 

I just hate this entire process. I get it, let's not traumatize the kiddies.  Hell, let's not traumatize the teachers either.  Fair enough. But how long is this going to last? I feel like I'm giving birth to a toddler over there and all the doctors are just sitting around watching. No one is saying if I'm crowning or offering me the ever important drugs! 

It's such a tedious process! Today was the second day.  Ok, I'm a bit dramatic to be bitching the second day but let's face it, I'm a bit dramatic.  We stayed from 1pm to 4pm. Yesterday was 1pm to 3pm.  So we improved our time.  On the other hand, Rafa was a royal pain in the buttocks today. He fell twice and you would have thought someone had beat him with a hammer with the fit he threw. And he didn't even fall hard. He was just testing the water. 

Do I really have to see that? I'm not supposed to interject.  I'm not supposed to do anything, even when I notice that they didn't see my kid running off. I'm really starting to get worried about leaving him there. The teachers seem far more concerned with their gossip than helping my kid not eat shit when he gets off the rocking horse that is far too big for a little guy. 

I feel like we need to just rip that band aid right off.  Let it sting but it'll only last a minute.  I was willing to go with the flow this time, even if it's contrary to what I think. (I did not go with the flow with my oldest.) That was until I spoke with the teacher. 

I asked the teacher what the plan was for tomorrow. We're supposed to stay the full class. Holy crap, if only I  had a Valium to pop in order to endure 4.5 hours of this.  Uggggg.  But fine. That I can do.  I'm also going to disappear for a period of time and wait in the parent adaptation waiting area.

Here's what I can't... no no, won't do.  They were saying that I will wait on the sofas and then go in and check on him, leave, and then go back and check on him, then leave, etc etc. 

What the hell is that?  Hey honey, I'm back. No no, just kidding I'm gone.  No no, just kidding, I'm back!  Opa, nope, gone again.  Talk about a tease! 

I will not do it.  My kid is going to attack me like fat kid does a donut.  And then I'm going to be expected to rip him off me and leave him.  Actually, I'm guessing they'll say I have to do the whole process for another week. 

It's like freakin' groundhog day!  Don't let the baby see it's shadow or it's 6 more weeks of adaptation! 

I swear, you know the physiologist, the coordinator, and the teachers all get together for beers after class and laugh at us parents. Let's see if we can get them to stay the entire month, pay, and then do our jobs. Bwahahaha. 


  1. What the hell kind of school is this? I can't imagine a lot of parents would have the ability to do this for such a long time. You may think you're a drama queen in general, but I think it's justified in this case...Too late to find a new school? This seems crazy. Good luck.

  2. I'm not a parent - duh. I don't get it - duh. But if the place is suposed to take care of tiny ones, then maby they can take care of tiny ones (but I am not a parent).

    Drop off your loved one and go have a beer. Go for a run. Go buy some shoes. Go make a nervous post on your blog.

    Then go back and pick up your live child at the end of the day.

    Forgive me. I am not a parent. I have no credibility even making a comment on this topic.

    No disrespect intended. But I bet your child will survive.

    But I have no right saying so.

    Mil bjs!

  3. i dont know what to say Rachel...We took Amora to the British School and we asked to be in the classroom while she was doing her adaptation, here we were actually the annoying ones, watching the teacher like a hawk, asking to be on Amora's sight as long as possible and piping through the windows to make sure she was ok...result was we took her out of school because we did not agree with their ways of teaching/looking after the kids.
    I am still looking for Schools...
    think this way...tomorrow you wont be alone. you will have Natasha there on the same boat. beijos

  4. Aleteia, You will love Edem! This school is right up your alley. You could stay with Amora the entire semester and they'd take you with open arms. I've actually seen it done!

    Jim, Totally agree. I don't get it but many Brazilian schools/creches do it. Edem does it longer because they are a hippie school (for lack of better terms). But great for small children. They work on all the stuff and give my kids the freedom to be kids.

    TLC, after adapting my oldest, I just wanted to take him out. Keep in mind, he was older and had attended a different school. After 2 days I just dropped him off and told them to deal. The way my oldest is, he would be better and he was. He didn't even cry once I was gone. So I do love the school, I just hate this process. My oldest has blossomed there and I think my youngest will too. They are really open to working with each individual personality type and needs. They love the feisty and quiet alike. It's a good place. Lots of arts, music, books, and attention.

    But the adaptation blows! I wish I could do what you suggest Jim!!

  5. First creche Isa went to my husband and the grandmas did the adaptation, I wasn't let off work for that and had to vacations left bc I used it all being with my then 4 month-old baby. Isa was fine, but whenever I decided to stop by to check on her, she'd cry for the rest of the afternoon. She was 1 and a month. Second time around she was a little over 2 yrs old, I dropped her off and the school said they'd call if needed. They never did, she was and has been fine till now. I am the annoying parent, I go in wit her everyday, talk to the teacher, get there early to peak on what's going on and that stuff. I totally pro parents' adaptation. Meaning you should have as many days as you need to figure out whether you like the school methods. But the kid adaptation, honestly, never seen it work with anyone, in any school.

  6. my son´s school is opposite, does not want the parents around. Mine has been in daycare since 4 months (public city infant education in BH) and while breatfeeding I was able to come and nurse and stay a little bit, but I agree, adaptation is so much better if the parent is not there all the time. Mine started to get a bit clinging when we would start the new school year, but was fine 10 minutes after I left. Yours sounds like a nightmare!