Monday, January 17, 2011

Signs You've Become a Carioca Part 2:

1.  Your children choose rice and beans over Mac & Cheese. Hell, they choose it over everything.

2.  You are "tired" of all the Carnaval stuff and yet go to all the blocos.

3.  You use ceiling fans not air conditioning

4.  You toast your toast in the oven or on a stove top. Heaven forbid you actually buy a toaster

5.  Everything, and I mean everything down to pancakes, is mixed in the blender.

6.  Bleach is your cleaning friend, buckets full of it.

7.  You actually know what they women are doing when the spread the bowl of white stuff all over themselves at the beach.

8.  You have a soccer team, even if you don't watch regularly.

9.  Your bathing suit is smaller than your underwear, for both men and women.  And you strut in it like you are on a runway

10.  You know better than to call your Grandmother in the evenings, her soaps are on. Hell, you're watching them too

For part 1: go here


  1. Can answer yes to several (is the white stuff at the beach coconut oil??? I bought some on a beach up north, but haven't seen it locally yet....).

    the bathing suit is my favorite - I've gone smaller and smaller with each passing year. So funny!

    the rice and beans - so true. My youngest was asking everywhere for "plain white rice" when in the US. Couldn't understand why his order of nuggets came with fries, and why we couldn't get rice in so many restaurants. -Sigh-

    Great list! (but I'm more Paulista than Cairoca, I think...)

  2. The white stuff is hair bleach that is supposed to work better in the sun. classy

  3. Not so much a carioca girl. Bleach (agua oxigenada)? I pass. After baring two kids, I do not wear any bikini anymore. I have a toaster. But I still dream of farofas, biscoito O Globo, mate Leao, guaranas, pizzas "a francesa", coxinhas, empadinhas, pao-de-queijo and goiabada though. :)

  4. P.S.: The girl on the photo looks exactly like my mother when young during the 60's.

  5. Got to love stereotyping but it also means that it's just that, stereotyping :). Missing Coxinhas and empadinhas! Is it expensive to mail to Holland from the states? I have som Goiaba here that no one is eating...

  6. Yes, yes for the rice and black beans. My son asks for it every single day. "What would you like to eat?" "I want sushi or rice and beans." go figure. SO different from when I was a kid. I had no idea what that white stuff was (just assumed it was a sunscreen or something, hahaha = ) that is funny! My blender used to get a good workout, up until the day I tried to make bobo de camarao and the aipim BROKE my blender (smoke and all). I ended up hand mashing it (have you ever hand-mashed aipim?...practically threw out my shoulder). Came out good though, damage and all! = )

  7. my fav are "Pastel de Camarao e Catupiry" , churros and "Kibe" !!! Love them all :)

    Most of the people I know have a toasters though.

  8. As a Niteroiense I don't really get to play, but I will say that I have pretty much forgotten about buying a new air conditioner (which I was a freak about three years ago) in favor of ceiling fans.