Thursday, May 5, 2011

Free Red Bull in Rio de Janeiro

Coming home from my run, I saw people hurrying to one point across the street. I couldn't see what it was and started to wonder what drama lay in the middle of my path home.

Well, what brings a crowd of Cariocas together faster than drama? People giving away free stuff of course!

Parked next to the crosswalk was a Red bull car with a Red bull girl giving away, I bet you've already figured it out, free Red bull. People were stoked. They were on it. And some actually ran from the street over to see if there were anymore.

Way to copy Coca Cola! Oh wait, don't they own Red bull?

Personally, I hate Red bull. One too many of them with Vodka in my 20s has ruined the drink for me. That and it tastes like drunk monkey piss. 


  1. Laughing about your drunk monkey piss comment. I agree the stuff is nasty...I can't figure out why so many people like it!

  2. It really is horrible! Personally, I think the vodka from my 20s improved the taste. I really don't get why people drink the stuff!

  3. I liked the energy drink/vodka combination for a while, but here it is so dang expensive I can't justify it.

  4. I hate artificial flavors and energy boost drinks. My husband used to drink it while driving during hours and hours on vacation to France. I have read some articles against Red Bull for him and he never did it again.