Friday, June 24, 2011

Hot Brazilians for your Friday!

Rafael Lazzini looked gorgeous in every photo I saw of him and is very versatile. At moments I wanted to mount him, others I wanted to talk to him, and in others he was too cool for me to imagine either. He also has his own model blog:

Fernanda Lima is quite mainstream to be on my Hot Brazilians for your Friday but I couldn't help it. The girl is gorgeous! Fernanda also has her own site so you can enjoy her beautiful-ness easily:


  1. We like the thought of Rafael being "very versatile" (the term has a particular meaning in "gayspeak"!)

  2. Olha esse vídeo do G1, é sobre um Americano que vive no Brasil e escreveu um livro sobre a experiência:

    você poderia fazer o mesmo, não seria legal?