Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Building Manager is Big Brother

We have an insane building manager. Ok, maybe he isn't actually insane but I do think he's a little off.

First, he's a compulsive spender. The building actually had to block him from raising condo fees to do more little adjustments to the building. Honestly, if you have to block the building manager from doing his job, you have a problem.

Now he has found a loop hole. He's allowed to use the building's savings account. And you know what he wants to buy, cameras. 8 cameras for our tiny building.

While I understand that security is important, I don't feel we need quite this much. That and what is going to be the added cost? He didn't mention the price on the mass letter he sent out. He did, however, tell my husband that all the equipment would cost R$8000. Does that include installation? Upkeep?

I swear, the guy breaks into a sweat if he doesn't spend some building cash every month or two.

And what really pisses me off, royally pisses me off, is that he won't buy a freaking bike rack for the building. He won't put a simple rack out in a small, useless common area next to our garage. His thing is that we have to put in a roof to protect the bikes and this and that.

Again, you don't have to do construction every time you add something. Not everything has to be a drama and cost a butt load of cash. Buy a freaking rack, put it out there, and people use at their own risk. If they don't want their bike rained on they will buy a weather bag or bring it up to their apartments.

While he's at it, angle one of the two cameras he's planning to have in our 14 car garage so it also gets the bikes. Or maybe I can just compromise with him. He gets the bike rack, from our savings money, and I'll suggest that he buys one more camera just for them. That should make him warm and fuzzy enough to go with it. 


  1. he's had his time...he needs to go. I'll fly down and fire him.

  2. can you get him to buy my ticket from the savings account?

  3. he should get 2 cameras for the bike rack so one can see from different angles :-)

  4. Take a look at your convenção: if he can find loopholes to do what he wants then perhaps you can find the same to get in the way of his actionsm postpone them, debate them over and over again at the building council meeting to the point that the guy just gives up.
    Btw when approaching a building there should be something to the side of the place where the button board is placed (to call the apartments, be it one attached to the wall or inside a portaria) so that the person downstairs can place what he is carrying ( a package, groceries, etc) while searching for or asking the doorman to find the button and call on the apartment he need to communicate with before entering the building.
    Unfortunately you are a woman and from my experience the jackass síndicos feek insulted when their moronic ideias are shown for what they are via logic and reasoning.