Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Favelas


  1. Have you ever visited any of the painted areas? Santa Marta is the top photo, right??) We follow the Favela Painting guys & really like what they're up to. In fact, we've covered them a couple of times on Bobo Feed:

    Hoping to see some of the work next time we're in Rio!

  2. Yes, the top one is Santa Marta. I haven't been inside yet but am meaning to! I want to ride the tram thing up to the top. There's a Michael Jackson memorial up there.

    I love what they did with the faces in the Favela. It's a TED project. Very cool stuff!

    Next time you are in Rio, drop me a line and let's go check it out together!

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  4. I read an article from Marie Claire about an American who started a non-profit in the top photo of the painted favela. Here is the link-