Sunday, July 10, 2011

News Wrap up: Brazil and Rio de Janeiro

Post-Game thoughts on Woman's USA vs Brazil game. Go USA!: Sports Illustrated

Brazilian Soccer Star Refuses Breathalyzer: USA Today

US Fishing Tour accused of Brazilian Child Sex Trips:

Ronaldinho Keeps Going even though he's Blowing: NY Times

Rio de Janeiro has a lot of unsolved murders. Tell me something I didn't already know: Herald online

Brazilian Swimmer fails drug test: Sports illustrated

Favelas feel UPP progress, in some areas: Rio Times online

UFC fights set for Rio: Couch fighter


  1. Regarding link n.1

    "goalkeeper Solo had made a huge save on Cristiane's penalty kick when Melksham whistled a U.S. player for encroachment in the penalty box"

    For heavens sake you are NOT SUPPOSED TO encroach when a penalty is taken. Players can only enter the box after the penalty has been taken and the rule is IF YOU ENTER BEFORE THE PENALTY IS TAKEN AND IT IS MISSED THEN THE KICKER GETS TO TAKE IT AGAIN.

    I think the Australian was a great ref and contributed to yet another epic Brazil vs USA match. Unfortunately it seems that in soccer lax is the predominant mentality so if the idiots who ref Men's Soccer can't enforce rules then let's just lower the bar for everyone and crucify a ref that actually follows thru.

    All this being said it was a joy to watch the match and painful, at least for me, to know beforehand that one of the teams would have to go home.

    Parabéns para as meninas do Brasil. Great effort. Good luck to the Americans, I hope they take the title.
    And yes, Hope Solo is hot.

  2. Gritty, we would have kicked Brazil's ass anyway ;)

  3. Rachel,

    When I was a kid we played little league soccer and encroachment was not allowed. If it happened penalties were retaken, even after being converted if the infractor was a player from the scoring team. In certain cases those retakes were not converted and when that happened we used to blame our team mates, the ones that encroached, NEVER the ref. I know it may seem I am making a big deal over nothing but I have noticed that there is a huge difference in the outcome of a place when people are educated to play by the rules and place blame on infractors and praise the person who fairly enforces the rules in comparison to a situation where the contrary is the norm.
    The guy from Sports Illustrated who blamed the ref for doing her job properly should run for office in Brazil: he resembles both average politician and voter in said society.

    As for ass and kicking when you mentioned the first word the latter was replaced by Hope in my mind (she is eye candy, I am smitten). Comments? Upcoming Sexy Friday centerfold?

  4. You should thank your Mother for putting you in little League. Seems you took something away from it! ;) I agree with you on the SI guy running for office in Brazil! hehehe

    As for sexy centerfold, could be!