Monday, May 9, 2011

Who Says You're the Black Sheep?!

The problem with self-proclaimed titles is that people usually don't agree with them.  I'd have to say that was the case this weekend.

The whole reason behind going to Buzios was to do a send off to the Grandmother who passed last December. She has essentially been potted in a beautiful pot below a lovely little bush. It's her spot in her garden where her lover of over 20s can go and talk to her. Him or anyone else who needs the ear of our lovely Grandmother.

Of course a couple of self-proclaimed black sheeps did not show up. They could not be bothered to go on a fully sponsored weekend trip to Buzios, transportation included. Oh yes, the fabulous Grandmother was so loved that we even had a sponsorship to send her off in style.

And when you consider yourself the "black sheeps" of the family, you obviously can't go. No no, that would require you to think about someone other than yourself. I'm sorry but my experience with so-called black sheeps is that they are usually Debbie Downers who spend too much time thinking about themselves.

Yes, family can be a bitch sometimes and no they will not agree with everything you do. Oh and let's not forget that most of them will also let you know they they don't agree. But this pretty much goes for everyone besides the self-proclaimed Golden child who wouldn't bother listening in the first place. Gold makes you hard  of hearing, it's just how it is.

Oh the charms of family.

Now, when you are repeatedly invited to the spreading of the ashes of the heart of the family, you go. If you really were the black sheep no one would call you. Did you not get the memo on what a black sheep really is?

This is especially annoying when the black sheep seem to attack the ones who love and care about them the most. Case in point, the passed Grandmother and her visiting sister, the tiavó (means Great Aunt but literally translates as Aunt-Grandma, which fits Brazilian family style much better.) These women are the head of the family! If we were Mafia, the passed Grandma could put a hit out on them from the grave. That's how high up she and her sister are!

So freaking hell, pull the stick out of your ass and pay respect to the elders! They are the ones who truly miss your presence, as we younger ones lack the understanding they have for your temperamental personalities.  We also lack the patience for these little games. We're grown-ups now. If you are going to pout and stay home, you are going to be the one missing out and no one is going to lose sleep over it.

And no, they didn't come. We youngsters were even holding out hope that they'd show up on their own. But no, they couldn't be bothered to show respect for a woman who took care of them, opened her home to them, many MANY times paid for them, and loved them more than they will ever love themselves. Hell, they couldn't even bother to show up and wish happy Mother's Day to the Mothers of their family.

Nope, these cousins dropped the ball big time and it left a stain in my book.

Then again, I'm not one to throw a pity party for the overly-sensitive. Just ask my family. Actually, maybe you shouldn't say anything to my family as they think I am the over-sensitive one. Definitely don't ask our self-proclaimed black sheep! He's still not talking to me because of the whole Christmas blog post.

Ah well, a family wouldn't be family without self-proclaimed titles. What's yours? You know you have one! 

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