Friday, January 6, 2012

Hot Brazilians for your Friday!

Since Hot Brazilians for your Friday is a favorite to some of you out there, I'm keeping it. That and I do get a bit of pleasure looking for images. Hey, I'm only human. 

 This is Rafael Vergas. I swear I've posted him before but he didn't come up when I searched my blog. That and come on, this dude totally deserves a second posting. HELLO Rafael!

This is Juliana Martins. Mr. Rant finds her totally hot. I have to agree with him. She is that hot chick who if your spouse cheated on you with her you'd totally get it for a split second before being heartbroken. 

Happy Friday!

Btw, don't forget to enter to win your own tacky Cristo treat! 


  1. Jeez, I'm such an idiot bloke sometimes. I look at Juliana and I think that as well as being super-hot, she also looks like she's probably a really nice person as well. What's the betting she's a complete bitch?! ;)

  2. Oi!

    Hahaha - in an attempt to find something witty to win your totally desirable give away -I stumbled on this Australian site (remember too I am an aussie!) !! bjs Rebecca (Feliz Ano Novo btw Rachel - hope its a good one).

  3. Oh and Tom - I am also sure from a female perspective that Rafael Vargas (above) is totally boyfriend/prospective husband material!

  4. @Tom

    The important question is can she make a sandwich, bring it to you, and do it all in complete silence.

  5. @ gritty and tom

    It is also crucial that she bake the loaf of bread that she will make the sandwich out of with only two ingredients...sand and beef bouillion cubes.....


  6. I have only one word in my mind right now..."dimples"


  7. @rebecca - from a male perspective as well...

  8. Hey Jim,
    I can get that! Man for all seasons hey!